Dr. Jen Jacob bags Global Awards As Most Notable And Best Distinguished Engineer Of The 21st Century

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April 22nd, 2021, 7:57 am

A Postdoctoral Researcher and a Mechanical Engineer at Crown University Int'l Chartered Inc, Dr. Jen Jacob, has been honoured with the Golden Award as "the most Notable and Best Distinguished Engineer of the 21st Century" by the International Chartered World Learned Society, a United States-based organisation, with offices in Africa, Asia, Europe, and Oceania. 

He has also been conferred with the Life Fellowship of the Society (in the field of Mechanical Engineering).

According to a letter addressed to Dr. Jen Jacob, Dr. Sir S. R. Boselin Prabhu on behalf of the Society stated that while conferring the awards on Dr. Jen at Qatar on the 19th of April, 2021, the World Grand President of the Society, UNESCO Laureate Prof. Sir Bashiru Aremu, noted that the recognitions were based on Dr. Jen's immense contributions to the global knowledge industry. 

The insignia of the awards included certificates, a half-moon glass, a muffler, a silver medal, a plaque, and other instruments of the Society which were presented in recognition of "the avocation, enthusiasm and reputation" of the honouree. 

While congratulating Dr. Jen on behalf of the World Grand Board of Directors, ICWLS, including Prof. Sir Sarfraz Lloyd of Oceania, Prof. Sir Abhiram Kukshreshtha of Asia, Prof. Sir M. Howard Pilley of Europe and Prof. Sir Luis Emilio Abad of the Americas, Prof. Aremu urged the recipient not to relent in his efforts of adding value to humanity. 

According to Prof. Sir Aremu, who is also the Vice Chancellor Crown University Int'l Chartered Inc, Santa Cruz, Argentina, Dr. Jen is a shining example of diligence, excellence, and competence from whom the present and future generations will continue to draw inspiration. 

While responding to the presentation of awards, Dr. Jen Jacob appreciated the Grand President and the ICWLS Board of Directors for deeming him worthy of the honour. He stressed that he has considered the honour as an incentive to do more pointing out that he is willing to leverage the membership of the consortium in achieving the tripartite mandate of his career viz teaching, research, and community service. 

The International Chartered World Learned Society is a worldwide independent organization, self-governing, pan-discipline educational charity according to the European convention on the recognition of the legal personality of international non-governmental organizations. Society provides public benefits including expert scholars' advice on a variety of public issues related to sciences, engineering, health sciences, arts, humanities, social sciences, and so on. It draws up considerable strength of distinguished scholars all over the world.

The world Grand President of the society, while giving a brief profile of Dr. Jen Jacob, he disclosed that Dr. Jen has registered as a European Engineer (Eur Ing) from FEANI, Brussels, and MEP Chartered Engineer from CEng UK.
"He holds two Doctors in Philosophy (PhD) - Mechanical Engineering-Design and electrical engineering. Also, he holds a master’s degree in Master of Business Administration (MBA) - Operation and Project Management, master’s in engineering, also hold the Mechanical engineering degree.
Additionally, he has completed the centerboard exam in engineering, such as mechanical engineering, air conditioning engineering, automobile engineering, which is equivalent to BE / BTech. also completed many engineering diplomas amongst other achievements.

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