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#1 » by Key7 (β4481) » September 3rd, 2019, 10:01 pm

The Nigerian government has urged her citizens to stop their attacks on South-Africa-owned businesses in the West African country.

On Tuesday, in what is believed to be in retaliation of the Xenophobia attacks on Nigerians in South Africa where many deaths have been reported, youths in Nigeria attacked, shut down and/or looted many businesses in Nigeria believed to belong to South Africa. These include but not limited to Shoprite, MTN, PEP, and others.

While the xenophobic attacks in South Africa has led to death of at least 5 Nigerians in the country, the protest and attacks on SA-owned businesses on Tuesday has led to death of one Nigerian on their own soil after being shot dead by the po-po!

According to PremiumTimes,
The xenophobic attacks in South Africa have worsened in the past week leading to the destruction and looting of many business premises including those owned by Nigerians. At least five people are reported killed in the attacks which the South African government said it is trying to curb.

Many Nigerians have accused the South African government of not doing enough to stop the violence there.

On Tuesday, Nigerians continued to vent their anger against the South African government and businesses, with some calling for the boycott of South African businesses in Nigeria.

However, physical attacks against South African businesses commenced on Tuesday with an attack on Shoprite stores in Lagos and Ibadan, an MTN shop in Akwa Ibom and a PEP store in Lagos. ... izens.html

Meanwhile, the Nigerian government have condemned the attack on Nigerians in South AFrica and clled on the government of the nation to curb it.

At the same time, many Nigerians have expressed deep concern and believe that the Nigerian government is not doing enough.

What are the developments in your area?

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#2 » by sinsia (f) (β434) » September 4th, 2019, 5:48 am

What's wrong with South Africa people? I heard the attack is not just on Nigerians but on all foreigners.

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#3 » by Champ123 (β1414) » Today, 12:45 pm

:what: Really disturbing.

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