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A businesswoman Tina, on Tuesday, dragged her husband, O.A. Dickson, before a Nyanya Customary court, Abuja for calling her slutty and promiscuous. Tina in her divorce petition, told the court: “my husband calls me names. He called me a public toilet before our children. “He gave a curfew to be back home before 6 p.m. everyday. “I have begged my husband to allow me home late on some days, most especially when workers receive their salaries because I always have a lot of work to do on such days .

“I have had to move from office to office, to collect money for items I sold on credit. If I don’t do that, I may end up not collecting my money,” she said. She also told the court that her husband calls her mother a witch.

“I have endured a lot in my marriage, but I can not take it anymore. He calls my mother a witch, this is the height of it all. I cannot continue with this marriage,” she said. The respondent who was present in court denied all the allegations, and begged the court not to grant his wife’s prayers.

The presiding judge, Shitta Mohammed, advised the couple to explore out-of- court settlement. Mohammed adjourned the case until March 2, for continuation of hearing/report of settlement. (NAN) ... itute.html

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First time in history📜
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Hmmm they funny o

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My mistakes my lesson

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Ahhh the man no dey calm down oo

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na so :D:
i'm a great colossal/armoured titan :tu: kenneth's the name :D:


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