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#1 » by joe (β411) » December 4th, 2019, 6:02 am
I saw this question on online: Why is scam found mostly in places like Nigeria? Well, the question didn't say only in Nigeria but it says mostly in places like Nigeria. But citing Nigeria as a reference shows a reputation problem. But that's bad news. But there's also good news: it's not that bad. And it's not hopeless situation.

I gave a slightly different answer to this question than many commenters on the website. And in fact, it's a 2-in-1 answer.
I have interacted with many Nigerians and non-Nigerians. I can tell you why this kind of question in the first place. But before I submit my answers, let tell you something unique about fraud, scamming and con men.

For a scammer, be it Nigerian or not, to be successful, it requires a lot of high IQ and intelligence and smartness and talent. Take it from me. And average person cannot succeed at fraud. It takes being intelligent. Now, back to the question.

There are 2 main fundamental reasons why scamming may be so much attributable to places like Nigeria.

1. HIGHLY INTELLIGENT FELLOWS. Take it from me. Look at Nigerians all over the world. They are smart. They are intelligent. They break and hold records. Academic scientific, sports, name it. Nigerians are very intelligent humans. Big time. You can research this. That high level of intelligence will make one see opportunities more than any other average person. And for a scam or fraud to be successful, you require OPPORTUNITY, IMPETUS and INTELLIGENCE/ABILITY. You may research those 3 pillars.

2. POOR SYSTEMS. If you think Nigerians are the most corrupt people on earth, you are wrong! Not at all. In fact, Nigerians are good people. Great People! However, just like every other human, there's the tendency to cheat others. But to maintain social order, justice and peace, humans need SYSTEMS that work to not only curtail or prevent CHEATING/INJUSTICE, but will also serve to PUNISH offenders severely so as to serve as deterrent to others. That kind of system works fine in many nations, talk of the judicial system in America, the social security and identity system that helps with transparency, accountability and justice.

The fact that cheap scams are rare in the US doesn't mean the people are holy. They have tendencies too. But their SYSTEMS work. You get caught and certainly get punished. ….

BUT in Nigeria, such systems do not really exist. In contrast to what an earlier commenter said about social acceptance, I wish to disagree. Not that scamming, cheating and corruption are socially accepted in Nigeria, rather, when something becomes the order of the day, people tend to be less bothered. With lack of proper systems in place to ensure certainty of accountability, transparency and justice, then people can get away with all sorts of aberrations.

Below are the systems lacking in Nigeria:
1. Proper identity system. Many perpetrators of evil are usually 'UNKNOWN' because there's no way to indentify people.
2. Decayed Judicial system. The police, and many law makers are corrupt. When the one to uphold the law is more evil than the people, what do you expect?
3. Incompetent leaders. In Nigeria, the leaders - governors, presidents etc even have what they called IMMUNITY CLAUSE. This clause will makes them gods who cannot be questioned or tried for even evil deeds they ordinarily should have been held accountable for.

Trump is on hot seat as regards impeachment inquiry because the nation is responsible and the leaders are accountable. Try that in Nigeria. You may not live to tell the tales.

Now, guys, let Nigeria correct anomaly 2 above and create a nation where there's proper identity system, better transparency, working judicial system that ensures criminals - be it ordinarily person, a governor, a senator, or a president - is certainly punished without fear or favour - and we have the best, non-scamming, non-corrupt and also highly intelligent COUNTRY OF PEOPLE ON EARTH. NIGERIA.
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#2 » by Merlino (m) (β970) » December 4th, 2019, 6:09 am
No, Naija get brain. I agree :excited:
My life is a puzzle...

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#3 » by Deon (β4947) » December 9th, 2019, 11:20 am
....... But according to them,
they are bringing the money back home
An eye for an eye left thousands blind,
remember that......

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#4 » by NiceGuy (m) (β12645) » December 15th, 2019, 2:10 pm
Deon wrote:....... But according to them,
they are bringing the money back home

Who is bringing money back home? :shkd:
I'm really not that nice... :mrgreen:

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#5 » by Monobay_cw (β415) » May 15th, 2020, 8:50 pm
True talk 💬

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#6 » by green20 (β11585) » May 25th, 2020, 11:36 am
NiceGuy wrote:
Deon wrote:....... But according to them,
they are bringing the money back home

Who is bringing money back home? :shkd:


:tu: :lol; :clap: :yrc: :thnk: :shkd: :w: :good: :excited: :what: :D:

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