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Here are the main reasons recruiters are deleting your CV; read more at
There is no reason why your CV should have typos in 2017!. There are many CV writing services out there. Invest in a good CV, it’s pretty much a summary of your life achievements. Make it a good one.
Too Lengthy.
With the exception of a handful of individuals such as Elon Musk or Dangote, there is no reason why you cannot fit your CV into 2 pages max. Anything longer, and your run the very high risk of your CV being dumped in the trash. Keep it short, punchy, concise and readable.
No Cover Letter.
A cover letter serves one major function, it lets the recruiter know whether they’d like to find out more, or just delete the CV. Your cover letter needs to be a paragraph long summary of why you specifically are suited to the job being advertised. Begging, desperation etc have no place in your cover letter.
Net fishing vs pole fishing.
When you fish with a net, you catch all sort. However, when you fish with a pole you catch one fish at a time. A lot of job seekers ‘net fish’-they use one CV to apply for 100 jobs. You need to ‘pole fish’ in your job search – customise your CV to each job you are applying for. Best believe recruiters know when you have sent out a generic CV.
No relevance.
If you know you do not possess the qualifications required for a job, don’t apply. Rather spend your time enrolling on courses or gaining experience that will increase your value proposition.
In CV writing, bullet points are your friend. Use them to summarise and highlight parts of your CV that are relevant to the position you are applying to.

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