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January 17th, 2020, 2:26 pm

One of the most important things I love most in the education sector in Nigeria and the world at large is the level of dynamism in the field of research. It is evident that most students find it difficult to identify a problem despite attending programmes concerning Undergraduate Project Topics, Final Year Research Ideas And Materials. These issues have become so serious that most project supervisors are now looking for ways to salvage the situation.
Most supervisors have demanded for project proposals or synopsis before any undergraduate project students can proceed with his/her project work. The project proposal gained fame during this period even till date. But most students still find it difficult to identify a problem in a research work.
The introduction of literature mapping in the tertiary institutions around the world has helped in identifying the problem, the gap and findings in a research project work.
There lots of websites that is concerned with project topics but most of them do not have rich and educative blog post. But recently I stumbled upon these four websites:
1. Uniprojectmaterials.com
2. projectregards.com
3. academia.edu and
4. researchgate.net
These website are highly trusted with quality research articles especially those related to education project topics and accounting project topics. There so many services the first two websites can offer students be it undergraduate project students, master’s thesis or dissertation. One of the most interesting services offer by this platforms is the hire a writer services.
Ok let’s not get too carried away by the services rendered by these platforms. Let’s focus on the literature mapping. This is how to do a literature mapping. These are the things you target for effective literature mapping and gap identification
1. the title of the article you are working on
2. the problem identified on the article
3. the method used
4. that findings
5. then you try to see if everything stated on the objectives of the study is captured
6. then you can identify the gap
7. Finally you put it in a tabular form
I believe this article can help. Thank you!!!

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