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:In this article I will show you how to apply for law internship in any firm. This article will take you through all the prerequisites and tips you need to know before applying for internship in big, small or medium law firms. Trust me; if you painstakingly read this work, it will boost your chances of getting accepted the next time you apply for internship in that your dream law firm.

The importance of having an internship experience as a law student or graduate cannot be over emphasized. Aside the fact that it is a way to improve learning and networking, doing internship can help to boost your chances of gaining employment when you finally graduate from law school. Yes! This is not arguable as most law firms do not employ lawyers who never had an internship during their school days.

Corroborating this, a friend of mine whose father is a lawyer told me that; in his father's firm, they don't employ lawyers without any internship experience, even if that lawyer graduated with a first class from school. So you see, having an internship experience is like a prerequisite for every law student/graduate. For this reason, i have decided to teach my readers how to apply for internship in any law firm.

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