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Snapchat and Instagram are the two social media platforms that have a vivid likeness in functionality but with a very wide difference. They are both platforms where we can share and distribute images and videos but in different ways.

Here are a few differences;

1. Content types: There are content variations when it comes to the two platforms, let’s highlight some of the contents that can be created on these platforms

Stories: Stories are available on both Instagram and Snapchat. Stories can be either videos or images. Because stories are displayed in full-screen, the ideal orientation and dimensions for the stories are horizontal (i.e. portrait) and a 9:16 aspect ratio respectively.

Photo upload variations: Snapchat is a platform which allows you to take pictures and videos, add text to them, and send them to either one friend or to share them with only all the people following you. It comes with a fun twist—once viewers open your Snap, they only have ten seconds to view it. Your photos remain on your snap for 24hours before it disappears completely.

On Instagram, you’re allowed to post images and videos online to the users following your brand(or, in the case of a public profile, to everyone who views their profile or a used hashtag). Descriptions of the images are also posted, and often contain clickable links and topics in the form of hashtags. Instagram offers a ton of editing features including filters and photo editing (allowing you to edit things like color saturation or brightness of the image).

Easy Discoverability: In discoverability, we will look into a few areas;

Profile: On Instagram, you can have a public profile which shows your followers as well as following count and all your Instagram posts. Instagram suggests profiles to follow and shows relevant posts in “Discover”, which helps people to find your Instagram profile. On Snapchat, your profile can only be viewed by your friends and people who have added you. There’s little information on your Snapchat profile as the snaps and stories you post on Snapchat disappears after 24 hours.

Engagement: On Instagram, likes and comments on your posts can be seen by everyone while direct messages can only be seen by you. Comments can be easily replied to creating a customer relation. On Snapchat, only you can see who has replied to your snaps or stories.

Engagement level: Though engagement seems to be higher on Instagram than Snapchat: Comparing engagement levels on the two platforms can be tricky since the forms of engagement on the two are different. On Instagram, people like, comment, and watch a video. On Snapchat, people view a snap and reply privately. The engagement on Instagram is higher than on Snapchat.

The Bottom-line is; though Instagram seems to be better than Snapchat in most aspects of the comparison, it’s important to consider which platform your target audience prefers.

For example, if your target audience is students, teenagers, and young adults, you might be able to reach them more effectively on Snapchat than Instagram.

Also, a huge percentage of Snapchat users aren’t on Instagram as App Annie has found. So being on Snapchat might be the only way to reach them.

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