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The term “landing page” and “Webpage” often comes up when talking about websites. To many, it seems like the same after all they are on the same website. But there is a difference between them, but what then are the differences? You might want to ask. A landing page is a single web page that is focused on the visitor’s final decision based on what the page manager wants, the main goal is for conversion. Conversion, in this case, might be traffic, taking an action on the page or making a purchase or creating an account.

Today, I will be sharing with you the difference between a landing page and a webpage, but before we go down proper into them, let’s get the basics about each. A web page is literally the first page visitors see when they come into your website.

For example, the Baynet Fuse digital marketing company homepage is located at Google’s homepage is, Amazon is and lots more.

Now, let’s see more;


A web page is more complex with multiple tabs and clicks, it’s more like the front gate to a mansion that has several doors to other rooms. It draws visitors deeper into the site. A web page leads visitors to places that showcase several things in which the company involves.

For example, the Baynet fuse website contains information about our services, what we do, a few client reviews, and a call to action (a way for clients to get in touch).

A Landing page is a more decision making page “call-to-action”, that encourages visitors to make a “sign-up” or a purchase. It can also be a link to a particular section on your website. E.g

Information Quality

A web page is a full box of every relevant information that the visitor would find useful for the purpose of the visit. These pages are so important because if the visitor would find the information irrelevant there is a possibility they “leave” but if they find them informative and proceed with more clicks. We advise your company should make the webpage detailed with every information on who they are, what they do, the services they offer and a detailed description of the service.

A landing page is like an “offspring” from the webpages the visitor has gone through, it’s more like the “do this” zone, where the company makes the conversion.

Lead conversion

A web page is like a preparatory, here visitors are exposed to a variety of information click-throughs. The real aim is to lead prospect visitors to a landing page where they make a defined decision of purchase or sign-up.

For example: When someone visits your home, they look around to inevitably know the kind of fellow you are based on neatness and all. What they see will determine if to sit and converse properly or otherwise.

The above scenario depicts what a webpage looks like for a visitor coming into your website. A land page prompts lead, this is where conversion takes place.

In conclusion, attention should be tailored to both your webpages and your landing page. Your web page must be informative enough to keep your visitors busy and your landing page instructive enough that it prompts them to make that wanted decision.

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