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Benita asked Brenda if she could stay in her house while she looks for a place to stay. Brenda agreed. She told her not to bother looking for a place. She could stay with her as long as she wants.
Brenda stocked the house with food stuff. She made sure Benita wasn't lacking anything.
Doctor Malcolm started coming close. He would always go visiting Benita almost everyday.
Brenda started having eyes for Malcolm.
Benita told Brenda about doctor Malcolm's intentions.
- Dr Malcolm wants to marry me.
- what? Is he blind? What's he doing with a pregnant woman?
- ask me o. I'm still praying about it.
- hmm, see this girl o. You are still praying about it? Even in this condition? This girl sef. Who dey reason to marry heavily pregnant woman. You still won pray.
- hmmm, Brenda, no matter the situation I find myself, I will always enquire of the Lord. Have you not come across David and his men in the bible? When the philistines came and took his family and that of his men. Even his men were against him, calling him all sorts of names. Yet, he had to enquire of the Lord.
- hmmm, Benita this church thing is beginning to make you look mysterious.
- church thing? Brenda, that means you are not born again.
- of course I am just that yours is too much.
Brenda could not bear the love that Malcolm had for Benita. Malcolm will always come with fruits, her routine drugs. He would sound like Benita was carrying his babies.
The straw that broke the camel's neck was when Malcolm came with his mum. His mum is a pharmacist living in the U.S .She came to Nigeria and decided to see who his son has always talked about.
Madam Beatrice fell in love with Benita.
- Malcolm, she has to come and stay with me in the U.S . I want here to have her babies there. (To Benita in her sweet american ascent) sweetheart, I have heard your story and all you went through. How you stood for the Lord amidst all. I have been hoping to see this wonder girl. I am happy to see you. Thanks for being part of our lives. Malcolm is my only son. I have two daughters. They are both married. I will take care of you my darling. Come here. ( she gave her a hug) you are blessed.
Madam Beatrice pleaded with Benita to come over to Malcolm's house so she could stay with her. Benita refused. Madam Beatrice ordered that necessary papers be put in place for Benita to travel back with her.
Benita could not believe what favour has come her way.
Brenda who was filled with Jealousy had her own wicked plans.
To be continued.

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