Union Bank secretly lays off 1000 contract staff on Friday

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December 10th, 2012, 11:06 pm

News/ The Management of Union Bank of Nigeria Plc. on Friday laid off not less than 1000 contract staff nationwide.

The is the second time the financial institution is doing such within a space of 13 months.

The decision which took the disengaged workers by surprise, was communicated to them at the close of work last Friday.

A source at the Dopemu branch of the Bank in Lagos who spoke to DailyPost on the condition of anonymity said: “It is quite depressing. They fired those of us that are Tellers but some marketers survived the axe. I received the news with great shock. How can they do this to us at this period when the festive season is fast approaching?” she queried.

Asked if any compensation was paid, the disheaterned mother of one said: “I got an alert of N75, 000 this morning. I guess others got something in that range. I served them for five years and the best pay back I get is a sack letter two weeks to Christmas”

On her next line of action, the source in a shaky voice said: “What can I do? I will re-write my CV and go back to the labour market. I stay at home for years before I got this job, I just pray there won’t be repeat now that I have to start all over. It’s really sad.”

DailyPost gathered that Union Bank already has replaced the sacked members of staff with new hands recruited from Phillips Consulting and other outsourcing firms.

Our reporter called the Operations Manager of the Dopemu branch of Union Bank, Mr. T. C. Ogbonna to get his reaction.

When questioned on the reason for the lay off, Ogbonna said: “My brother, I don’t know oo. I can’t say anything because I really don’t have the details.” Sensing the reporter will not drop the call without a cogent information, the official said “Please I am not in position to speak. You can call the Head of Human Resources or Corporate Communications.”

Another insider who confided in DailyPost said, Mr. Ogbonna may not likely give reasons so as to save his job. He is the current branch secretary of the Bank’s labour union.

- Daily Post

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