Guide: 9 Practical Ways To Increase Website Traffic

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September 20th, 2018, 8:00 am

So you just created a website and have posted contents on the site and filling all excited but there is one more thing to do which is “Drive Traffic To Your Website”. A minimum of 10 websites are created almost daily and if you don’t get your website or blog out there for people to see, your will end up having a lovely website without anyone or just you and some few friends visiting it (nobody wants that).
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The main aim of creating a website is to provide information to people and in return make money from ads and affiliate marketing. This can only be possible when you have people visiting your website on a daily bases.

The internet is where millions if not billions of people converge when they want to get out of their normal lives, lots of activities takes place on the internet. Some are there to meet new people, get information’s, have fun and most especially to make money. You can also use it to drive massive traffic to your website.

There are some practical steps that need to be followed so as to drive traffic to your website and in this article we will be highlighting few ways you can do so.

1. Guest Posting

Most authority websites such and and other top ranking websites welcome people to write contents that would be published on their websites. As this websites get lots of visitors daily and you are able to get your content published on their website you can add your signature and website url to the post thereby when people read your content and want to know more of the information you have, they will click on the URL you provide to them and in turn increase your traffic.

2. Optimize Your Contents

Getting to optimize all your contents helps search engine to drive organic traffic to your website. Most times when people go online and type in a particular keyword, Google would search for contents related to that keyword and present it. Whatever keyword you intend to rank for example if you are into the make money niche and want to rank for affiliate marketing, you have to make sure that your content is quality and carries your intended keyword both on the title and in the content. This way it will be easy for Google to rank your content when someone searches for that keyword.

3. Post On Social Media

Social media is a great place you can use to drive an insane amount of traffic to your website. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc. are great social sites you can start sharing your contents. One of the good thing about this websites is they allow you post links from your website so when someone clicks on that link it takes them directly to your website thereby increasing your website traffic. Make sure you are active on social media.

4. Post To Forums

Unlike social media where people visit mostly for fun purpose, forums are also a great way to drive traffic to your websites. The cool thing about forums is that it helps you target a particular audience as there are different sections for different purposes. There are lots of forums out there all you have to do is go to your browser and type “forum + the niche you are into” and you would see lots of forums related to your niche.

5. Run Ads

Advertisement is a great way to increase your website traffic; this involves you spending some money so as to reach people that you ordinarily would not see your contents. There are different ways you can advertise, you can use social media ads (Facebook, Twitter etc.), display ads and paid search. These ads network also allows you run ads on a minimum budget and still reach large audience.

6. Create A Video And Post On YouTube

Videos is a great way must people use to engage with their audience and YouTube is the number one video hosting platform and also offers video creators the opportunity to make money from sharing their videos. Whatever the niche you are into, be it make money, health, fitness, cooking etc. you can make a video on a topic in your niche, upload it to YouTube and add your website url in the description so when people view your video and want to know more about what you are into, they can click the link in the description and it will take them directly to your website thereby increasing your website traffic.

7. Answer Questions On Quora

Lots of people have questions they would like to get answers to and every day hundreds if not thousands of questions are asked on quora on different topics and you can use this medium to drive traffic to your website. All you have to do is head over to quora and search for questions asked that is related to your niche and help them answer it then add your website link to the comment so when people read your answer they can also visit your website.

8. Submit Your Contents To Bookmarking Sites

There are lots of bookmarking websites which allows you list you contents on their site and you can use this medium to drive traffic to your website. Sites like,,, etc. are great bookmarking sites you can start using.

9. Submit Your Contents To Directories

Using directories to drive traffic to your website is a smart thing to do as lots of people visit directories for one reason or another and they can easily find your contents there. Directories work in mostly 3 ways, you have a free method where you don’t pay to post but it will take almost 3-4 months before your content appears on the site, a reciprocal link that can be gotten from a top website and takes minimum of 2 days before your content appear on their site or you can use the paid method where your content appears almost immediately. The choice is yours. There are lots of directories which include,, etc.

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October 29th, 2018, 11:55 pm

run ads, where is the cash to do that
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