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November 30th, 2023, 3:48 pm


In the rapidly evolving landscape of digitalization, transforming your smartphone into a lucrative source of income is no longer a distant aspiration—it's a tangible reality. This in-depth guide serves as your compass through the realm of money-making apps in Nigeria, offering insights into ten platforms that can empower you to bolster your financial resources effortlessly from the sanctuary of your home.

What Are Money-Making Apps?

Definition and Explanation: Money-making apps are dynamic mobile applications accessible through various stores. These apps enable users to earn income by undertaking micro jobs such as social media interactions, survey participation, app installations, and referral programs. Additionally, individuals can market their products, skills, or services on these platforms, receiving compensation in the form of gift cards, points, cryptocurrencies, or dollars.

Top 10 Money-Making Apps In Nigeria


Overview: Toloka stands out as a versatile platform that facilitates online tasks, including data entry and content moderation. The app has garnered positive reviews for its user-friendly interface and reliable payment system.
Tasks and Earnings: Users can engage in various tasks, earning more as they complete additional assignments.
Positive Reviews: Testimonials from satisfied users highlight Toloka's efficacy in turning time and effort into tangible financial rewards.

Scooper New App

News and Rewards: With over 10 million downloads, Scooper New App functions as a news aggregator that not only keeps users informed but also rewards them for reading articles.
Points System: Earning points for each read article, users can convert their accumulated points into Naira, providing a substantial financial incentive.


Survey Platform: Swagbucks operates as a survey platform, compensating users for activities like watching videos, playing games, filling out surveys, and downloading apps.
Task Variety: The app's popularity stems from its diverse range of tasks and the ability to redeem points as gift cards.


Rewards for Online Tasks: BuzzBreak incentivizes users for tasks such as reading news, referring others, playing games, and watching videos.
Points System and Redemption: Users accrue points, which can be converted to cash and withdrawn via PayPal or Gash.


Freelancing Marketplace: Fiverr, a renowned freelancing platform, requires users to offer a specific skill or service in exchange for payment.
Skill Requirement: Unlike other apps, Fiverr necessitates users to possess a skill, making it a freelancers' marketplace.


Social Media Platform: Similar to TikTok, Chingari differentiates itself by rewarding users for their creativity and video engagement in cryptocurrency known as "Gari."
Creativity Rewards: With over 50 million downloads globally, Chingari transforms creative endeavors into a lucrative venture.


Freelance Marketplace Comparison with Fiverr: Upwork operates as another freelance marketplace, emphasizing skills and services offered online.
Hourly Charging System: The platform's uniqueness lies in its competitive environment and the ability to charge per hour for services rendered.


Micro Jobs Platform: Clickworker offers various micro-jobs, including data entry, surveys, voice recording, and video recording.
Task Diversity: Depending on dedication and seriousness, users can earn up to $1,000 monthly through PayPal.

Chipper Cash

Financial Transactions App: While primarily a financial transactions app, Chipper Cash offers earnings through referrals.
Referral Earnings: Users can earn up to N1,000 for every person referred to the app.


Social Media Tasks and Earnings: Hawkit compensates users for social media tasks like commenting, liking, sharing posts, and testing apps.
Selling Services and Products: Additionally, users can sell services and products, earning varying amounts for different tasks.

3. Frequently Asked Questions

Which app pays real money in Nigeria?
Numerous apps in Nigeria pay real money, including Toloka, Upwork, Swagbucks, and others.

Which app has the highest earning?
EarnKaro holds the title for the highest-earning app, with potential monthly earnings ranging from €30,000 to €50,000. Other high-earning apps include TaskBucks, Swagbucks, and Roz Dhan.

How can I make quick money in Nigeria?
Quick money in Nigeria can be made through various avenues such as blogging, freelancing, affiliate marketing, digital marketing, gift card trading, YouTube videos, and cryptocurrency trading.

In the current era, the convergence of science and technology has simplified the process of generating income from the comfort of one's home. While numerous money-making apps abound, those highlighted in this guide represent the cream of the crop. By delving into the unique features and opportunities offered by each app, individuals can seamlessly expand their income streams.

This guide aims to serve as a comprehensive resource, ensuring that users can navigate the landscape of money-making apps in Nigeria with confidence. Feel free to engage in the comments section below, sharing your experiences or seeking additional information. Happy earning!

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