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The 21st century education has evolved in the past decades seizing every opportunity and trend to impact students, teachers, research and the entire learning processes. Likewise, more and more trends have emerged to diversify the learning patterns and spice up teaching; moreover, upcoming apparently mind blowing. Meanwhile, let’s consider trends that are very predominant in 2019;

Virtual Reality
Knowledge retention is very promising with virtual reality because it exposes kids and students in all grades to learning and experience plus the sense being there. 2019 has seen the advent of virtual and augmented reality; in the coming years, it’s going to take over the learning process to enhance learning comprehension particularly with the use of virtual environments creating natural imaginations in the human memory.

Digital Literacy
Very prevalent among millennial in 2019 is the use of technological enabled gadgets like computers, gaming materials, android and iphones, smart watches and all to enhance learning; all these contribute at one point or the other in their formal and informal education. Young people have become even more native to digitization and they use it concurrently for self-education and sometimes classroom learning.

Collaborative Learning
Long gone are the days of mind your business learning pattern; for students in this age, learning is made fun at all levels by giving joint academic tasks and research works both at the primary, college and tertiary level. This promotes collaborative learning, intercommunication and inter-dependency in a learning process.

This strategy makes it a lot easier for teachers, minders and instructors to interact and establish a learning relationship among students for better research and learning outcomes. Much of the time, project topics are given out to students who find their way around answers to research questions.

Project-Based Learning
Another emerging trend in 2019 education is project-based learning. Since reading and writing alone cannot all solve the career need of students, students are engaged with big and small cooperative projects that’s often tasking and challenging. This is meant to push students to field work and embrace productive and practical sense of learning as against mere theories.

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