Code for Night Plan on Airtel, Guide to Monitoring Your Data Usage

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March 29th, 2024, 12:49 am


In today's digital age, staying connected is more crucial than ever, and Airtel's Night Plans offer an affordable solution for those who find the nighttime the perfect moment to surf the internet. Whether you're catching up on work, streaming your favorite show, or browsing social media, it's essential to keep track of your data usage to avoid unexpected charges. This guide provides a step-by-step approach to help you monitor your Airtel Night Plan balance efficiently.

Getting Started

Active Airtel SIM Requirement
Before diving into the specifics of checking your data balance, confirm that your Airtel SIM card is active and properly inserted into your device. A functioning SIM with an adequate balance is necessary to access Airtel's network services.

Checking Your Night Plan Balance: The USSD Method

Initiating the USSD Code
Airtel facilitates an easy-to-use USSD code to check your night plan balance. Simply dial *323# from your device and hit the call button. This code is your gateway to accessing your night plan details swiftly.

Awaiting the USSD Response
Upon dialing the USSD code, a prompt response will display your night plan balance, including data volume and validity. Patience is key, as it may take a moment for this information to appear on your screen.

Alternative Balance Inquiry Methods

Via the Dialer App
For a more detailed breakdown of your data usage, including your night plan balance, you can use
your phone's dialer app:

- Open the dialer app and dial *141#.
- Respond with "9" for Data Balance or directly dial 1419# for quicker access.
- An SMS with your data balance details will be sent to you shortly. This message will include a section specifically for "Night Data Balance," among other data plan balances.
- Recording Your Data Usage
Note down the key details from the USSD response or the SMS message. Keeping track of your data volume and the plan's expiry date is crucial for managing your night plan effectively.

Airtel Self-Care Service: An Alternative Checking Method

Accessing Through Web or App
Airtel's self-care service provides an alternative platform for checking your night plan balance. Access this service by visiting the Airtel self-care website or downloading the mobile app. An active internet connection is required for this method.

Navigating the Self-Care Portal
After logging in with your Airtel number, explore the "Data Balance" or "Account Summary" sections for a comprehensive view of your night plan balance. This platform offers an intuitive user experience, presenting detailed insights into your data usage and plan specifics.

Consistent Monitoring for Optimal Usage

The Importance of Regular Checks
Regular monitoring of your night plan balance is essential to avoid surpassing your data limit. Keeping an eye on your usage and the plan's validity will ensure you enjoy uninterrupted service without incurring additional costs.

Adjusting Usage or Upgrading Plans
Based on your monitoring, you may find the need to modify your internet habits or consider upgrading to a plan that better aligns with your data consumption patterns.


Effectively managing your Airtel night plan usage is key to a hassle-free internet experience during the night hours. By utilizing the USSD code, the dialer app method, or Airtel's self-care service, you can stay informed about your data balance and plan validity. Regular checks and mindful usage will ensure that you maximize your night plan benefits without facing unexpected data overages.

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