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March 28th, 2024, 11:24 pm


In the heart of Nigeria's push towards a brighter, technology-driven future stands the Federal Ministry of Innovation, Science and Technology. This pivotal institution, once known simply as the Ministry of Science and Technology, was rebranded on August 6, 2021, signaling a renewed focus on harnessing innovation alongside science and technology. With a clear mandate, the Ministry under President Bola Tinubu's administration, with Uche Nnaji at its helm since August 16, 2023, is steering the country towards achieving the lofty goals of Vision 20:2020 through strategic technological advancements.

The Mission and Vision of the Ministry

At its core, the Ministry is dedicated to facilitating the development and deployment of science and technology apparatus. Its mission is aimed at enhancing the pace of socio-economic development across Nigeria. This is achieved through integrating appropriate technological inputs into various productive sectors of the nation, under the guidance of a Minister appointed by the President and supported by a career civil servant, the Permanent Secretary, currently Mr. James Sule, mni.

Strategic Activities and Initiatives

The Ministry is engaged in a broad spectrum of activities designed to propel Nigeria into a new era of technological and scientific advancement. These activities include:

- Policy Development: Formulating, monitoring, and reviewing the National Policy on Science, Technology, and Innovation in alignment with the macro-economic and social objectives of Vision 20:2020.
- Agricultural Enhancement: Leveraging science, technology, and innovation to boost agricultural and livestock productivity.
- Energy Independence: Promoting sustainable research and development in nuclear, renewable, and alternative energy sources for peaceful and development purposes.
- Industrial Support and Wealth Creation: Providing support to key industrial and manufacturing sectors to foster wealth creation.
- Technology Infrastructure: Building a robust technology infrastructure and knowledge base to facilitate widespread application for development.
- Health Sector Development: Utilizing natural medicine resources and technologies to advance health sector development.
- Space Science: Acquiring and applying space science and technology as a key economic driver.
- Research and Development: Ensuring that R&D results positively impact the Nigerian economy through the promotion of indigenous research capacity and technology transfer.

One notable initiative is the Computers for All Nigerians Initiative (CANI), aimed at enhancing Nigeria's economic and social foundation by providing widespread access to personal computers and the internet. This program represents a collaboration between the Ministry, the National Information Technology and Development Agency (NITDA), local banks, PC manufacturers, and technology giants like Intel and Microsoft.

Organizational Structure: Departments and Units

The Ministry's extensive scope of work is organized across various departments and units, each
focusing on a specific area of science, technology, and innovation:

Departments such as Human Resources Management, Finance and Accounts, Planning Research and Policy Analysis, and several others, each addressing a unique aspect of the Ministry's mandate.
Units including Legal, Press, Internal Audit, and Private Public Partnership (PPP), which provide essential support services to the Ministry's operations.

Parastatals Under the Ministry

A number of parastatals or government-owned agencies operate under the Ministry's oversight, each specializing in different aspects of science, technology, and innovation. These include the National Board For Technology Incubation (NBTI), Energy Commission of Nigeria (ECN), Nigerian Institute of Science Laboratory Technology (NISLT), among others, collectively contributing to the nation's technological and scientific progress.


The Federal Ministry of Innovation, Science and Technology stands as a beacon of progress in Nigeria's journey towards a sustainable, technology-driven future. Through its comprehensive activities, strategic initiatives, and dedicated organizational structure, the Ministry is not just a facilitator of technological advancement but a cornerstone of Nigeria's socio-economic development.

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