Who is The Owner of Big Brother Naija, Unveiling Secrets

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March 5th, 2024, 1:25 pm


Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) has captured the hearts of millions across Nigeria, offering a tantalizing blend of drama, strategy, and entertainment. Behind the scenes, there are fascinating details about its ownership, location, winning history, and the enigmatic voice known as "Biggie." Let's delve into the depths of one of Nigeria's most beloved reality TV shows.

1. Ownership of Big Brother Naija:

Contrary to popular belief, BBNaija is not owned by a single individual but rather by a conglomerate of companies. Currently under the Banijay Group, a global entertainment powerhouse, BBNaija shares its parentage with iconic shows like Keeping Up With The Kardashians and Survivor. However, the brainchild behind the franchise is John de Mol Jr., a Dutch billionaire renowned for creating hit reality shows such as The Voice and Fear Factor.

2. The Genesis of BBNaija:

Inspired by George Orwell's dystopian masterpiece, Nineteen Eighty-Four, BBNaija thrusts contestants into a monitored environment akin to Orwell's surveillance state. This format, where housemates are confined and scrutinized, adds a layer of intrigue and tension, drawing viewers into the drama unfolding within the house.

3. Location of the Big Brother Naija House:

The physical setting of the BBNaija house has evolved over the years. Initially situated in South Africa, it was relocated to Nigeria, reflecting a desire to align the show closely with its Nigerian audience. Currently nestled in Lagos, specifically in Ilupeju, the BBNaija house serves as the nucleus of the show's action and drama.

4. Winning History of BBNaija Contestants:

Since its inception, BBNaija has crowned a diverse array of winners, each leaving an indelible mark on the show's legacy. From Katung Aduwak, the inaugural champion in 2006, to Laycon, who emerged victorious in the "Lockdown" season of 2019, every winner brings a unique flair to the BBNaija experience.

Season 1 (2006): Katung Aduwak
Season 2 (2017): Efe Ejeba
Season 3 (2018): Miracle Igbokwe
Season 4 (2019): Mercy Eke
Season 5 (2019): Laycon
Season 6 (2021): Whitemoney
Season 7 (2022): Ijeoma “Phyna” Josephine Otabor
Season 8 (2023): Ilebaye Precious Odiniya

5. The Voice Behind Big Brother Naija:

A pivotal element of BBNaija's mystique is the voice of "Biggie," who issues instructions and maintains order within the house. This iconic voice belongs to Mike Ejike Ibedilo, a seasoned broadcaster, voice actor, and model. While Ibedilo provides the voice, "Biggie" remains an abstract entity, symbolizing the omnipresence and authority within the BBNaija universe.


As BBNaija continues to captivate audiences with its blend of drama and entertainment, the intricacies of its ownership, location, winners, and the enigmatic "Biggie" only add to its allure. With each season, the show evolves, yet its essence remains rooted in its ability to enthrall and engage viewers across Nigeria and beyond.

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