Natural Resources in Nigeria, Unveiling Nigeria's Wealth!!

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February 22nd, 2024, 9:16 am

Nigeria's landscape is a mosaic of precious metals, stones, and a plethora of industrial minerals like Barites, Gypsum, Kaolin, and Marble. Despite the country's abundant natural endowments, a significant portion of these resources remains underexploited, presenting a vast opportunity for economic growth and development.

A State-by-State Guide to Nigeria's Natural Bounty

From the gold deposits in Abia to the coal fields in Enugu and the fertile oil fields in the Niger Delta, Nigeria's 36 states and Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, are endowed with diverse natural resources. Here's a snapshot of the natural wealth distributed across the nation:

Abia: Gold, Lead/Zinc, Limestone, Oil/Gas, Salt
Adamawa: Bentonite, Gypsum, Kaolin, Magnesite
Akwa Ibom: Clay, Lead/Zinc, Lignite, Limestone, Oil/Gas, Salt, Uranium
Anambra: Clay, Glass-Sand, Gypsum, Iron-ore, Lead/Zinc, Lignite, Limestone, Phosphate, Salt
Bauchi: Gold, Cassiterite (tin ore), Columbite, Gypsum, Wolfram, Coal, Limestone, Lignite, Iron-ore, Clay
Bayelsa: Clay, Gypsum, Lead/Zinc, Lignite, Limestone, Manganese, Oil/Gas, Uranium
Benue: Barite, Clay, Coal, Gemstone, Gypsum, Iron-Ore, Lead/Zinc, Limestone, Marble, Salt
Borno: Bentonite, Clay, Diatomite, Gypsum, Hydro-carbon, Kaolin, Limestone
Cross River: Barite, Lead/Zinc, Lignite, Limestone, Manganese, Oil/Gas, Salt, Uranium
Delta: Clay, Glass-sand, Gypsum, Iron-ore, Kaolin, Lignite, Marble, Oil/Gas
Ebonyi: Gold, Lead/Zinc, Salt
Edo: Bitumen, Clay, Dolomite, Phosphate, Glass-sand, Gold, Gypsum, Iron-ore, Lignite, Limestone, Marble, Oil/Gas
Ekiti: Feldspar, Granite, Kaolin, Syenite, Tantalum
Enugu: Coal, Lead/Zinc, Limestone
Gombe: Gemstone, Gypsum
Imo: Gypsum, Lead/Zinc, Lignite, Limestone, Marcasite, Oil/Gas, Phosphate, Salt
Jigawa: Butyl
Kaduna: Amethyst, Aquamarine, Asbestos, Clay, Flospar, Gemstone, Gold, Graphite, Kaolin, Kyanite, Mica, Rock Crystal, Ruby, Sapphire, Sihnite, Superntinite, Tentalime, Topaz, Tourmaline
Kano: Cassiterite, Copper, Gemstone, Glass-sand, Lead/Zinc, Pyrochinre, Tantalite
Katsina: Kaolin, Marble, Salt
Kebbi: Gold
Kogi: Coal, Dolomite, Feldspar, Gypsum, Iron-ore, Kaolin, Marble, Talc, Tantalite
Kwara: Cassiterite, Columbite, Feldspar, Gold, Iron-ore, Marble, Mica, Tantalite
Lagos: Bitumen, Clay, Glass-sand
Nasarawa: Amethyst, Barite, Cassiterite, Chalcopyrite, Clay, Columbite, Coking Coal, Dolomite, Feldspar, Galena, Iron-ore, Limestone, Mica, Salt, Sapphire, Talc, Tantalite, Tourmaline, Quartz, Zircon
Niger: Gold, Lead/Zinc, Talc
Ogun: Bitumen, Clay, Feldspar, Gemstone, Kaolin, Limestone, Phosphate
Ondo: Bitumen, Clay, Coal, Dimension Stones, Feldspar, Gemstone, Glass-Sand, Granite, Gypsum, Kaolin, Limestone, Oil/Gas
Osun: Columbite, Gold, Granite, Talc, Tantalite, Tourmaline
Oyo: Aquamarine, Cassiterite, Clay, Dolomite, Gemstone, Gold, Kaolin, Marble, Silimonite, Talc, Tantalite
Plateau: Barite, Bauxite, Bentonite, Bismuth, Cassiterite, Clay, Coal, Emerald, Fluoride, Gemstone, Granite, Iron-ore, Kaolin, Lead/Zinc, Marble, Molybdenite, Phrochlore, Salt, Tantalite/Columbite, Tin, Wolfram
Rivers: Clay, Glass-Sand, Lignite, Marble, Oil/Gas
Sokoto: Clay, Flakes, Gold, Granite, Gypsum, Kaolin, Laterite, Limestone, Phosphate, Potash, Silica Sand, Salt
Taraba: Lead/Zinc
Yobe: Soda Ash, Tintomite
Zamfara: Coal, Cotton, Gold

The Economic Significance of Nigeria's Natural Resources

The exploration and proper management of Nigeria's natural resources hold the key to unlocking significant economic benefits, including job creation, poverty reduction, and sustainable development. The government's National Policy on Solid Minerals aims to foster the orderly development of these resources, ensuring that Nigeria's natural wealth significantly contributes to the nation's GDP.

The Untapped Potential: Opportunities for Investment

The underexploitation of Nigeria's natural resources presents a golden opportunity for both local and foreign investors. The federal government, through the Ministry of Solid Minerals Development, offers prospecting licenses to investors eager to tap into the vast mineral wealth of the nation.

Spotlight on Key Minerals and Their Impact

Talc: Nigeria boasts over 40 million tonnes of talc deposits in states like Niger, Osun, Kogi, and Kaduna. The exploitation of these deposits can meet both local and international demand.

Gypsum: Essential for cement production, Nigeria's gypsum reserves can significantly contribute to the construction industry.

Iron Ore: With over 3 billion metric tonnes of reserves, iron ore mining presents an opportunity for steel production and industrial development.

Lead/Zinc: Nigeria's lead/zinc deposits are ripe for development, offering prospects for mining and metal industries.

Embracing Sustainability in Resource Management

As Nigeria seeks to exploit its natural resources, sustainable practices are paramount to ensure environmental conservation and long-term economic viability. The government and stakeholders must prioritize eco-friendly extraction techniques and community-inclusive policies.


Nigeria's natural resources are a beacon of economic hope and development potential. By harnessing these resources responsibly and sustainably, Nigeria can pave the way for a prosperous future, not just for the current generation but for generations to come. The time is ripe for investors, policymakers, and the community to collaborate in unlocking the treasure trove of natural wealth that Nigeria possesses.

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