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December 19th, 2023, 1:06 am


In the rapidly evolving landscape of online banking, security is paramount. Zenith Bank recognizes this importance and has introduced the Zenith Bank token—a robust security layer that empowers customers to authenticate and authorize transactions on their internet banking platform. This guide provides a step-by-step walkthrough, ensuring that users can seamlessly navigate the signup, registration, and activation processes.

Understanding Zenith Bank Token

What is a Zenith Bank Token?
The Zenith Bank token serves as a safeguard for internet banking transactions. It generates a unique code, augmenting the customer's login credentials to ensure secure access to accounts. This extra layer of security is instrumental in facilitating various transactions, including fund transfers and bill payments.

Hardware vs. Software Token
Customers can opt for a hardware or software token based on their transactional preferences. A hardware token, available through a visit to the bank, is a physical device generating one-time passwords (OTPs). Conversely, the software token is an app—Zenith Bank eToken—that can be downloaded and installed on a device.

Getting Started: Registration and Activation

Requirements for Token Generation
To generate a Zenith Bank token, one must be an active customer utilizing the internet banking facility.

Registration Process:

Via Zenith Bank eToken App:
- Download and install the Zenith Bank eToken app.
- Activate the app and follow on-screen instructions.

Hardware Token:
- Visit the nearest Zenith Bank branch.
- Complete a form for the hardware token application.

Token Activation:
- Visit the Zenith Bank token activation page.
- Enter the 10-digit Zenith Bank NUBAN number.
- Receive an OTP on the registered email or phone.
- Enter OTP, token serial number, and set a 4-digit PIN.
- Successful activation prompts a confirmation message.

Alternative Activation:
Visit a Zenith Bank branch or contact customer service for a token.
- Log in to online banking.
- Navigate to "Settings" or "Token" section.
Follow steps for activation.

Generating a Zenith Bank Token:
- Log in to internet banking.
- Navigate to "Token" section and choose "Generate token."
- Enter internet banking credentials.
- A unique code is generated and displayed.

Resetting Token PIN:
- Call ZenithDirect on 234-2787000 and select option "4."
- Alternatively, send a mail to zenithdirect@zenithbank.com.
- Understanding Hardware Tokens

What is a Hardware Token?
A hardware token is a physical device providing secure access to internet banking. It generates OTPs for transaction authentication and protection against unauthorized account access.

Obtaining Token Serial Number:

- Security tokens have printed serial numbers.
- Cryptocurrency tokens use unique addresses.
- Software tokens may require contacting the vendor.
- USSD for Zenith Bank Token

Getting a Token via USSD:
- Dial *966# on your mobile phone.
- Select "Token" and enter Zenith Bank account number.
- Follow prompts to complete the process.
- Receive a one-time token on your mobile.
- Note: Ensure your mobile number is registered with Zenith Bank for USSD service.

In conclusion, the Zenith Bank token is a crucial tool for securing online transactions. Activation involves a straightforward process, offering users the flexibility to choose between hardware and software tokens. Whether through the eToken app, hardware token, or USSD, Zenith Bank ensures a user-friendly and secure banking experience. Embrace the added layer of security with the Zenith Bank token and navigate the digital banking realm confidently.

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