Terrorists’ Negotiator, Sheikh Gumi Gives Condition For Fresh Dialogue With Bandits

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July 9th, 2023, 7:30 am

Islamic scholar, Sheikh Ahmad Gumi, has given conditions to which he will join negotiations with bandits in order to restore peace in the country.
Sheikh Gumi who spoke in an interview with Trust TV, said that emirs, scholars, and university professors who have conducted extensive research on bandits matters must be involved for him to join in the negotiation.
"Let’s all sit down together so that we can achieve peace and enable people to return to their farms,” he said, noting he doesn’t necessarily have to lead the negotiations, according to
Daily Trust reports.
He said he would gladly be part of any government-approved group tasked with handling the talks.
“I don’t have to lead it, but I would volunteer myself to be part of it. It’s not about leadership; it’s about a holistic package that addresses the issue.
“We need the involvement of emirs, scholars, and university professors who have conducted extensive research on these matters,” he said.
On his views on recent call by former Zamfara State governor, Senator Sani Yerima, for negotiations with bandits, suggesting that they deserved an amnesty just like former Niger Delta militants, Sheikh Gumi said it was a welcome development and supports the call.

He also commended the appointment of Nuhu Ribadu as National Security Adviser, but said he shouldn't be a mere figurehead.
Sheikh Gumi, however, called for synergy among security agencies to win the war against terror, adding that lack of it has hindered the fight against insecurity in the country.
He also expressed disappointment over the retirement of over 100 Army Generals, considering the resources invested in their training.
He urged politicians to refrain from politicizing the military and judiciary, recognizing their critical importance.

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