Nigerian CEO Rewards JAMB Top Scorer Kamsiyochukwu Umeh With N2.5 Million

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July 8th, 2023, 9:52 am

Erisco Foods Limited's Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Eric Umeofia, has made an exciting announcement, offering a generous cash prize of N2.5 million to Kamsiyochukwu Umeh in recognition of her exceptional score of 360 in JAMB UTME 2023, Newspremises reports.

Kamsiyochukwu, a student at Deeper Life High School, attained a remarkable score of 360, with impressive individual subject scores of 99 in Chemistry, 98 in Mathematics, 97 in Physics, and 66 in English.

During an interview with Punch Newspaper, Dr. Umeofia expressed his deep admiration for Kamsiyochukwu's outstanding academic performance and emphasized the significance of acknowledging and rewarding exceptional students.

Additionally, he disclosed that Kamsiyochukwu's school administrator and four teachers would also receive rewards as a token of appreciation for their contributions to her success.

Kamsiyochukwu's remarkable feat in the nationwide JAMB exams has positioned her as the top candidate for the year 2023, earning her widespread recognition and commendation throughout the country.

In a previous interview, Kamsiyochukwu shared her overwhelming excitement upon discovering her outstanding score.

She mentioned that she was at school when the results were announced and immediately sought out her counselor to celebrate the good news.

Furthermore, she promptly contacted her parents to share her remarkable achievement with them.

“When it was announced that JAMB had released the result, I was in school and I went to meet my counsellor. I also called my parents to check for me. When I called them that day, my mum told me the result. My parents were excited. I particularly could not contain my joy. I wanted to shout at the top of my lungs; I was incredibly excited,” she said.

The reward from Dr Umeofia is a testament to the value of hard work and dedication to academic excellence.

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July 9th, 2023, 5:59 am

Nice, as encouragement for good work
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