2023 Presidential Election: Why Atiku May Win

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October 15th, 2022, 10:53 am

From the way things are going, there is no doubt Peter Obi is loved by man and want him to win. But quite unfortunately for him, his party is a light weight in almost all parts of Nigeria and that is a very big disadvantage in the reality of today's politics in Nigeria.

Tinubu on the Apc side has a strong force around Nigeria but his chances are likely to be cut short because of his muslim muslim ticket. This means that votes will be shared between Tinubu, Peter Obi and Atiku in the South, East and West.

As for Atiku, his victory seems to smile because he has the most dominant forces in the North and that alone can clearly defeat the sharing of votes from the entire South, East and West.

Though the election will be very tight because Apc the ruling party will try to use all means in their disposal to rig and win the election, but PDP knows the game very well and will try to lock head with Apc anyhow they can. Unfortunately LP and Peter Obi can only rely on the huge followers called obidients that have his back but in reality, that will only help split the votes in the South, East and West while Atiku will crush all contestants in the North to claim his victory.

This is just my opinion from the way things are now and everyone is very free to have their own different options. So I come and go in PEACE.

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