Dump Big Banks! 5 Reasons To Use Fintechs, Micro Banks Instead

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January 16th, 2022, 12:02 pm

Even in Nigeria, it's the age of digital revolution and consumer satisfaction is more important than ever. Why let yourself get frustrated by failures of big traditional banks when there are numerous fintech solutions and micro banks in the digital platforms who are doing better?
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At least, what matters is that you get the service you desire as and when you need it.

Sometimes last year, one of the big banks went offline for days, disappointing and inconveniencing every customer. Moneys were lost, businesses were negatively impacted. Trusts were damaged. People stranded. You know what I mean. After all that, I failed to see any article online attempting to quantify what Nigerians and businesses had lost due to the failure of that bank to meet up with expectations. And I don't think there was any sanctions.

Fast forward to today. I wrote a post earlier about another big bank which has been offline without warning. Money is being delayed, businesses affected and so on. People stranded.

Question is: are we stuck with these big banks?

Heck NO! NO! NO!

There are emerging smaller online micro banks or Fintechs that are faster, more reliable and efficient which we must see as better alternatives. And there are many reasons why they are better than the big old banks who are now too big to listen to your TINY LITTLE COMPLAINT. You understand.

Below are major reasons why we must all use those Fintechs and online micro banks more and dump the big disappointing traditional banks.
1. Faster and More Efficient Service
When I mean faster, I mean faster. Try sending funds with any of these micro Fintechs and you'd smile. Account opening is 100% self servc6, faster and efficient. And talking of transaction limit, you even get better. Once you supply your ID card and utility bill like NEPA bill to Kuda, Branch, Carbon, you enjoy up to N5m daily transfer. Even the so called top 3 banks in Nigeria won't give me up to that after I give them my great grandpa's birth certificate.

Also notable is the fact that some relatively smaller and newer banks like Alat of Wema, Globus Bank and maybe Providus Bank give you better service and service attention than those old, complacent and fat banks.

2. Cheaper or Free Service
I have some of the apps give me 20 to 100 free transfers per month. While big banks will charge you for even checking balance or depositing, talk less of transfers, these Fintechs will even reward you for doing these. If you know you know

3. Faster Reliable Support
You know what happens when a business becomes too big. Each customer becomes too small to be noticed. But raise a support ticket with these micro fintech banks and you'd see you're really a king of a customer. Swift response and solution.

WAIT! Have you tried to call the hot line of those big banks sometimes? Tell me if this sounds familiar:
Sorry, we're experiencing high call volume. All our operatives are currently busy. You're number 1,502 on line. Please hold on. A customer service will be with you shortly.

And they rarely will be with you! :yrc:

And the call is not free o. You burn your credit for 10 minutes, no solution. Ah! I hate those moments.

4. Better Flexible Platforms
The flexibility of the platforms of these micro Fintechs make them suitable for many purposes. They integrate with all forms of billing platforms like NIBBS, cable TV, data, recharge etc. In fact, they give you discounts per use. Why are we still using big banks? Is it charm?

5. Same or Better Products
Talk of ATM card? These micro Fintechs like Branch, Kuda etc give them, even free! What else? Tell me!

So, of what use are the big old banks afterall?

Per my experience, the big banks are only needed for big business transactions, export import, big loans,... I wanted to mention cash deposit, but alas, even money agents will take your cash and pay you cash!

I think the demise or shrinking of many big banks is imminent.

Let's quit cold Turkey! Information is power o.

Look at the photo of micro Fintechs I added above and try anyone. They'll wow you, ranging from basic transaction services to loans to anything.

Be woke!

Share your own experiences.

Please share...

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Location: Lagos

January 16th, 2022, 12:56 pm

Nice one. Great post
I'm really not that nice... :mrgreen:
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January 18th, 2022, 5:21 am

I agree totally. Especially the YOU ARE NUMBER 1,502 ON THE LINE! Got me laffinggggggggggg
But it's really not funny. It's frustrating
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Location: Abuja

February 5th, 2022, 12:11 pm

Facts stated
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