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#1 » by Hotsaint VIP (β15566) » September 11th, 2017, 11:08 am
As a fresh graduate in Nigeria, you may have asked about the hot Nigerian jobs for fresh graduates, with high employment chances for those without experience. I know that one of our major hustles is getting a good job without being asked for several years of experience. It sucks when you see a job you are passionate about, but only to given requirements like;
“Not above 23 years but with 32 years of experience”
Therefore, are you a fresh graduate in Nigeria? Are you among a large number of fresh graduates in Nigeria without a job but has never gotten a call back despite submitting over a hundred CVs? If this is the case, I have excellent news for you. I have drafted these jobs from the research of vacancies seen on the various jobs. In case you don't know verified job sites to use, please quickly go through List of verified Job Sites without GNLD Jobs (Nairaland and some other great sites are there.)
There are many hot Nigerian job categories that have high employment chances for fresh graduates. The jobs may not have the high salary you anticipated, but it is a good starter for a fresh graduate without any job in Nigeria.
In no order, here are the top jobs with high employment chances for a fresh graduate in Nigeria
Sales Executives
Many don’t like this job role, not knowing that it is one of the hottest jobs in Nigeria now. Many graduates have envisioned themselves outside the school, having a big office space with a secretary. Any job role that would disrupt this vision even for a start isn’t a welcomed idea. As a fresh graduate in Nigeria without a job, this job role has a very high employment chance for you.
I started off with this role, and I never knew the potentials that it had till I became a sales person. It is an entry position. You should know that if anybody can be promoted in an organization faster, it is always from the sales department. All you need is to find the right company and kick start your career with ease.
If you have little ideas about computers, do a programming course and see how opportunities will multiply for you. Programmers are easily absorbed (without experience or not) into several job roles, where they can grow.
Research has shown that “ICT jobs have more chances of hiring people without experience” than other job sectors. What is more than applying to jobs that do not require much experience?
Content Developers
This is one of the hot Nigerian jobs with high employment chances in Nigeria today. Companies are in need of content developers. I even do perform this job role on part time basis. Due to the high demand of content developers, companies are willing to hire you and train you on the job role till you become perfect. All you need is just a good writing ability – you don’t even need to be perfect.
As a content developer, you should have the basic ability to develop engaging contents and use it as a marketing tool. If you can do this and still without a job, why not go for a Content Development role?
Information Technology Tutors
This job role should have topped my list, but I will just leave it this way. I have seen lots of young graduates making a living just from teaching others ICT courses. If you are good and have gathered enough experience and money, you can even start up your own ICT tutorial centre and employ others.
Web Designers/Developers
If you can check the number of job vacancies in various sectors in the month of August and July in Nigeria, Web Development and Sales took the first spot. The good news was that the years of experience required was from 0 – 1-year experience. This means that they gave room for graduates without experience to join their team. Working as a web developer can truly become a money spinner for you if you truly know your craft.
Social Media Managers
The truly social media fanatics should see this job role as something they should do. This is really a hot job in Nigeria If you have an active social media profile. Every organization needs a social media influencer, and you can be one with ease. This is the fastest job to launch your career in the world of digital marketing.
Call Center Agents
Major outfits, who utilize call centre agents, happily offer these kinds of job roles to young graduates. The pay lies in between good and excellent. These call centre jobs don’t require many years of experience to get you hired, so you should give it a try.
Travel Agents
Does travelling the globe excite you? Then consider making a living out of it. You shouldn’t follow the crowd and do the usual booking and selling of tickets. Be unique, and you earn a good living from it. You can venture into something more exciting. For example, you can consider creating customized vacation packages for corporate enterprises.

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#2 » by prosperarena (β211) » September 11th, 2017, 8:40 pm
Nice one,though it might take a while because of the recession,but i think that things will still get into shape for the average graduate looking for jobs today.
so while you are at it,i would like introduce to you a site where you can solve simple tasks and get paid for doing them.
There are different kinds of job offers eg signups,data entry jobs,etc as soon as you finish them,you will be accessed and paid.
here is the link:


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