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#1 » by Deli999 VIP (β974.36) » December 10th, 2020, 2:19 am
Gentlemen, today I've got a special treat for you and your girl. Today, I'm going over six (6) things all women secretly wish all guys did.

1. Take Control
That's right, women want a dude who isn't afraid of saying; "Yo girl, this is happening!" and then making it happen. As opposed to: "hmm... Jennifer, do you mind if we kiss a little bit, maybe make out or possibly have sex?

Three words: "Shades of Grey". Gentlemen, I'm just saying there's a reason that movie was so popular.

2. Be Extra Sweet to her in Front of her Friends
Your goal is to make her friends freaking jealous of her because she's got you. You are an amazing dude and there you are like: "Oh my God, Jennifer, you are so amazing, you are sexy".

You are affectionate but not too affectionate, sweet but not being obnoxiously annoying. Don't try and make out with heroin front of her friends.

The truth is, all women want their friends to be jealous of them, that's the reason why they dress so super sexy, it's not for you, it's for them.

They want other women to look at them and be like: "b*tch". The same thing goes for you, you want to make sure her friends think that you are totally in to her.

The other benefit of this is that if doesn't work out between you and your girl, your options? Plentiful.

3. Dress Better
Let me paint a picture for you. There's your girl, she spent time, energy, money in looking great. Her body; fine, her hair; always looks great, her makeup; done, her handbag; amazing.

She looks phenomenal and you are proud to have her on your arm.

But is she as proud to have you? Give yourself as an accessory, you have to look good, so you don't make her look bad. Think about it.

4. Giving her Presents
Now, you are like: "But I don't have money, I know it always came down to giving her stuffs". But with make-sense girls, it's not about the stuffs, it's about the thought.

A lot of times, the best gifts you can give her are just little things you can give her that lets her know that you were thinking of her throughout the day.

It can't just be holidays and special occasions, it has to be random, that's the best thing.

5. Tell her she Looks Beautiful
Not just when she's dressed up, but in the morning when she's not wearing any make up, just say: "Hey, you are beautiful".

This is honestly something women are a little insecure about. With all the crazy social media stuffs, there has never been more pressure to look beautiful and attractive.

Let her know how beautiful she is, even though she thinks she looks rough, tell her: "Come on! never baby, you look so fine!".

6. Watch Chick Flicks with Them
One of the reasons why we men hate watching chick flicks is that they always have dude in them who is always like someone amazing dude and it always makes us look bad.

We'll be like: "Is that what you want? That's not reality, that a movie, woman! I'm here, I'm reality, I'm amazing".

Women want you to just hanging out with them once in a while. She watches football games with you, she even hangs out when you are playing video games.

You think she wants to? No. Do you think she does it because she loves you? Yes. So you need to watch chick flicks because of her.

So, when she's crying while watching, and you are comforting her, and mascara and snort are running down her face, tell her she looks beautiful.


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#2 » by ajebo VIP (β71.31) » December 10th, 2020, 7:04 am
Hmm this one strong oo
Don’t blow off another man's candle for it won’t make yours shine brighter.

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#3 » by Dube VIP (β44.25) » December 10th, 2020, 7:13 am

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#4 » by TitanKenneth VIP (β253.30) » December 15th, 2020, 12:35 am
ajebo wrote:Hmm this one strong oo
:lol; but the truth oh
i'm a great colossal/armoured titan :tu: kenneth's the name :D:


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