Suffering In The East Is On Another Level

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November 14th, 2021, 7:00 pm

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If you live in the East currently u will agree with me our people are really going through hell. The effect of IPOB and security forces violence over the past few months has left Easterners in a pit of suffering.

A great example is in Anambra state,currently the only road leading to other towns from the state capital which houses the security parastatals like State CID,Immigration,Police Quarters is currently blocked because of fear of the rampaging unknown gunmen. This has forced all commercial buses and private vehicles to take another route in which the alternative roads are nothing to write home about. These routes located in Amawbia already have their roads depleting; some already turning into small gullies. It will take the 2022 rainfall to further deepen the gullies.

Commercial drivers and their passengers who have to bear the pains of driving through these alternate bad roads have never had good things to say about the state of the roads in the capital.

Transport fares also didn’t fail to shoot by 200%. A journey which usually takes 5mins now take 30mins. A journey of 5mins which was usually charged for 50 naira earlier this year has gone so high as 150 naira.

The people are not finding it funny on these bad roads. And worse is that the traffic gridlock on these alternate bad routes is on another level.

Now that the Anambra elections are over,We call on the Commissioner of Police of Anambra state and the govt to please open the major road which accommodates commercial vehicles and passengers,so as to ease the suffering of the people or better still fix the alternative routes.

IPOB should also get sense by now. South Easterners are suffering. And if you’re planning on coming home this December,it is better you remain wherever you are because things ain’t so rosy down here. No roads,traffic gridlock everywhere,road blocks by Security forces.

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