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#1 » by sunhiandrey (β3.80) » November 5th, 2020, 11:25 am
Only as healthcare labourers in Nigeria bear the bad parts of the virus, the COVID-19 patients and anyone with severe diseases, tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, autism, diabetes, cancer and what have you, remains at a massive danger of medicine shortage. It is predicted that already in October, three thousand such patients, who trust on state-sponsored, health-care, will not be able to have access to their important treatment.

Nigerian governments being in the spotlight ( #bncovid19 #puzzle ) are encouraging the people to cancel baseless report and disregard the sharing of any false information about the epidemic in the country that could be detrimental among the citizens.

What accounts for believing the Nigerian government rhetoric amidst such a scary situation like Covid-19?

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