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December 3rd, 2011, 3:46 pm

Our Social Network has the following powerful features, and many more to come. Join in.

Features list:
A snapshot of typical user Page
A snapshot of typical user Page
1. MyPage (statuses in profiles)
- user can write his status
- his friends can comment his statuses
- his friends can leave a message on user's MyPage
- users can post video, image or link
- display 10 statuses in profile, each with 3 last comments
- load more statuses when clicked on Older statuses or when you scrolled to the bottom of the page
- load more comments when you click on Load more comments
- display avatar and nick in each status and comment
- display how long ago the status or comment was posted
Our chat messenger
Our chat messenger
2. Instant Chat
- display your online friends in online list
- display which users are online (activity last 5 minutes) and which are idle (logged in but not active last 5 minutes)
- open chatbox automaticly when the message is received
- display smilies and active URLs
- display how long ago the message was sent
- display the number of unread messages
- user can log in / log out from Instant Messenger
- user can swith on/off sound via IM online list
- user can choose which sound he wants to listen to after receiving a new message via UCP
- user can see the whole IM history with his friends (screenshot here)
- when the community is small, admin can decide and set in ACP, if users can chat only with friends or with all members

3. Friends Request And Approval System
- you can send request, when you want to add new friend
- you can approve or ignore friend requests
- you can manage your friends
- display your friendlist in your profile (screenshot here)
- possibility to add / remove friend via user's profile
- display friends of your friends, something like Suggested Friends

4. User Pofile Page
- display recent activity of your friends
- show all statuses and messages written by your friends
- display note that your friend has added some other user to his friends
- display much more if you have installed other modules such as Groups, Events, Photos, Blogs and more (other modules are in development)
- load more records when click on Load more or when you scroll to the bottom of the page
- show online friends in online list - click on one and open chat box with him
- possibility to search in board
- show People you may know - friends of your friends
- show Recent discussion - last posts in board
- show board statistics
- show your friend request, requests to events, groups etc (if installed modules groups, events and more)
- possibility to write status throught the Mainpage

5. Notifications
- show popup message about important action such as: user commented your status, user commented status you have commented before, user sent you a friend request, user accepted / denied your friend request, user left a message on your page etc.
- display last notifications

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