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Why Indirect Rule failed in Eastern Nigeria: To understand Nigeria, you need to know some of the things that happened during the colonial erra. There is no doubt that almost all the things we identify as problems of Nigeria currently, began during the colonial erra. Some were caused by the colonial masters themselves, and some started as consequences of the leadership of the military in Nigeria. For instance, it is my view that the reason why there is ethnic disunity in Nigeria is because, the colonial masters divide and administered the country differently during colonialism.

Well, that is not the topic I will be discussing today. In today's discussion, we will be looking at why indirect rule failed in Eastern Nigeria. Conversely, I will share with you the reasons why the eastern part of Nigeria vehemently opposed indirect rule by the colonial Masters.

But because I will go into the crux of this topic, i would like to explicitly explain to you what indirect rule is. Trust me; this will go a long way to help you understand the reasons for the failure of indirect rule in Eastern Nigeria when i begin to mention and explain them. So, what is indirect rule?

Definition of indirect rule:

Indirect Rule is a system of governance which uses the people in authority to control the masses. Wikipedia postulates that Indirect rule was a system of governance used by the British and French to control parts of their colonial empires, particularly in Africa and Asia, through pre-existing indigenous power structures.

In Nigeria for instance, the traditional leaders were employed by the British to administer the affairs of the local people. Basically, the reason why the colonial masters chose to use this system for Nigeria was to reduce the cost of leadership.

Why indirect rule failed in Eastern Nigeria

Below are the reasons why indirect rule failed in the east:

Decentralized nature of government

Introduction of Warrant chiefs

Opposition by educated elites

Introduction of tax system

Non-participation by the educated elites

In short, these are the reasons why indirect rule failed in Eastern Nigeria. Nonetheless, if you really need information on the points raised above, i enjoin you to keep reading this work as i will painstakingly explain everything. ... n-nigeria/

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