Save Money with these 3 AirFreight Consolidation Benefits in Nigeria

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February 14th, 2020, 1:52 pm

What Air Freight Consolidation Shipping Is.
Simply put, the word consolidate means ‘to merge’.

Airfreight Consolidation is, therefore, a system of collecting cargoes and shipments from various shippers and delivered to different receivers.

Consolidating cargos of numerous consignees into one lot and then prepare them for shipping is known as consolidation in the freight industry. This includes Air, Sea and Road freight.

Why Importers In Nigeria Offer Air Freight Consolidation Services?

In an early post, we shared with you why air freight shipping is best considered of the 4 modes available, (i.e. Sea, Air, Land and Railway). All 4 modes can be used to offer consolidation services one way or the other.

But, while the other 3 modes are relatively great for shipping, especially sea shipping, they leave out the aspect of speedy delivery as air freight shipping guarantees a fast and a more shipping and delivery process.

Is Freight Consolidation Same As Groupage?

As in our earlier post on Groupage, Groupage was defined by Global Negotiator as simply meaning “Combining cargo from more than one shipper or importer and/or to more than one consignee for shipment together, usually in a single shipping container.

What then is the difference?

Consolidation is the act or process of consolidating, making firm, or uniting; the state of being consolidated; solidification; combination while groupage is the consolidation of several small shipments into a single container.

Air Freight Consolidation Helps To Reduce Shipping Cost

In order to cut cost and amass profits as an entrepreneur, one of the several ways is to seek airfreight consolidation, especially when it is the only option available.

If the freight forwarder declares a higher the volume weight of a single shipment, the airline operators lower the freight rate. In other words, the more the weight in tons the less the cargo company pays the airline operators.

Reduces Cost Of Clearing And Process Time

Besides the reduce freight rate, the shipper pays a reduced cost on customs clearing.

If you are in Nigeria, you’d have heard or known that shippers usually run into loggerhead with customs in fulfilling their requirements by Nigeria customs service and other government agencies.

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