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April 8th, 2015, 9:35 pm

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1. Calabar airport: a geographical study.
2. Slope processes and landform development, a geomorphological case study of Idanre area of Ondo state
3. Spatial variation in housing rent in Port Harcourt: case study of Diobu miles I, II, II and main town.
4. Decline of cocoa production in Ondo area.
5. Land use analysis of Port Harcourt
6. Rural development through river basin agricultural
7. Projects: a case study of the Okete agricultural project.
8. Road traffic accidents: a case study of Benin city.
9. The problems of food crop production in the river Orashi flood plain in Engenni district.
10. Ecological perspectives of plantain agro-ecosystems of the humid tropics
11. Causes of traffic congestion: a case study of Apapa and Ojo metropolis of Lagos state
12. Campus mapping
13. Yam production and marketing in Oji river local government area Anambra state
14. The impact of the green revolution programme on rural-urban migration in Nigeria
15. A comparative analysis of soil nutrient status in an oil palm plantation of varying ages and a mature forest in rivers state.
16. Erosion along the nun river from Kaima to Otuokpoti in Ekoli creek.
17. Production of residential maps of Makurdi, Gboko and Otukpo.
18. Population pressure and agricultural productivity. A case study of Nonwa Tai, Rivers state.
19. River basins and food crops production in Nigeria. A case study of Anambra river basin and rural development authority
20. Spatial diffusion of poultry farming in Oshimili LGA, Edo state of Nigeria.
21. The impact of large-scale project on the local community: a case study of the Okpella cement plant.
22. The effect of Ajaokuta steel company limited on land utilization in Okene and Okehi LGA in Kwara state.
23. Urban fire disaster: a case study of Port Harcourt.
24. The impact of petroleum economy on natural rubber in Isoko LGA of Edo state.
25. Settlement in Kolokuma clan
26. The socio-economic impact of the production of transportation maps of Aba and Ukwa LGAs.
27. Geomorphic and human influence on land resources: a case study of Polobubou area in Warri LGA, Edo state.
28. The impact of the Gin industry on the economy of Okodi and its environs, Ogbia district, rivers state.
29. Transportation constraints on agricultural productivity. Case study of Nsukka local government area.
30. Urban housing problem: the warri experience.
31. Polder rice cultivation (a critical study of peremabiri rice project).

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