Cost of International Passport in Nigeria, A Gateway to Global Travel

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February 22nd, 2024, 10:07 am

An international passport serves as your official travel document, essential for Nigerians planning to explore beyond national borders. Nigeria offers three main passport types: Regular, Official, and Diplomatic, each catering to specific travel needs and associated with varying costs.

Decoding Passport Costs: What You Need to Know

The cost of obtaining an international passport in Nigeria varies based on the type of passport and its page count:

- Regular Passport (32 pages): Approximately ₦15,000
- Regular Passport (64 pages): Around ₦70,000
- Diplomatic Passport: Estimated at ₦200,000
- Official Passport: Approximately ₦50,000
These costs are subject to change, and additional fees may apply for expedited processing.

Types of Nigerian Passports: Choosing the Right One for You

Standard Passport: Ideal for general travel, available to all Nigerian citizens, valid for 10 years.
Official Passport: Issued to government officials traveling on official business, valid for 5 years.
Diplomatic Passport: Reserved for diplomats and top government officials, valid for 5 years.
Selecting the appropriate passport type is crucial, depending on your travel purpose and affiliation.

Key Factors Influencing Passport Costs

Passport Type: Costs vary from the Regular to Diplomatic passports.
Processing Time: Expedited processing incurs additional fees.
Application Mode: Fees may differ between online applications and in-person submissions.
Page Count: Passports with more pages typically cost more.
Required Documentation: Preparing for Your Passport Application

To apply for a Standard Passport, you'll need:

- A letter from your local government.
- A birth certificate or age declaration.
- Two recent passport photographs.
- A guarantor's form, witnessed by a legal authority.
- Parental consent for minors under 16.
- A marriage certificate, if applicable.
- A police report for lost passports.

For an Official Passport, the requirements include:

- An introduction letter from the relevant government ministry or organization.
- A marriage certificate, if applicable.
- A police report for lost passports.

Online Payment Guide: Simplifying Your Application

Paying for your passport online involves:
- Visiting the Nigeria Immigration Portal.
- Selecting the appropriate passport type and starting your application.
- Filling out the application form and printing it.
- Making a payment online using a credit/debit card or through designated banks.
- Confirming Your Payment: Ensuring a Smooth Process
- After payment, confirm your transaction using the provided Validation Number and print out the necessary receipts and acknowledgment slips for your interview.

Filling the Passport Guarantor’s Form: A Critical Step

The Guarantor's Form is an essential part of your application, requiring careful completion and submission along with other required documents.

Applying for Your Passport: A Step-by-Step Overview

- Determine your eligibility by reviewing the requirements on the Nigeria Immigration Service website.
- Gather the necessary documentation.
- Choose your application mode: online or in-person.
- Submit your application and pay the required fees.
- Attend your scheduled interview with all required documents.

Frequently Asked Questions

- Cost: Regular passports range from ₦15,000 to ₦70,000, with Diplomatic and Official passports costing more.
- Expedited Service: While expedited services are available, they come at a higher cost.
- NIN Requirement: A National Identification Number (NIN) is mandatory for passport applications.
- Essential Documents: Vary based on the passport type but generally include identification, birth certificates, and recent photographs.


With this guide, applying for a Nigerian international passport becomes a less daunting task. Ensure you have all necessary documents, choose the right passport type, and follow the application process diligently. Regularly check the Nigeria Immigration Service website for the latest updates and requirements, ensuring a smooth path to obtaining your passport and embarking on your international travels.

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