Governor Umahi orders arrest of cook over bad food served during Christmas party for widows and elders

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December 17th, 2022, 3:26 pm

Ebonyi State Governor, David Umahi has ordered the immediate arrest of the cook who prepared the food served to widows and elders in the state.
Umahi gave the order during the elders and widows’ Christmas party held at State Ecumenical Center, Abakaliki.
Umahi who failed to disclose the name of the cook said it was terrible for someone to give others what he or she cannot consume.
He then vowed that the police would follow due process in investigating the cook for her to refund the money given to prepare the food.
"We are, therefore, going to repeat this party as we should celebrate our fathers and mothers well. The bible enjoins us to honour our fathers and mothers so that our days would be long on the earth," he said.
"I want my days to be long because I have suffered from my youth. Presently that I have seen light, I want God to prolong my life so that I can partake in the miracles in Ebonyi,” he said.
He declared that he would inspect the food to be served to the widows and elders during the repeat celebration.
"I have directed the deputy governor and my senior special adviser on religion and welfare matters, to make adequate preparations. The celebration must be held on December 20 or 21 as anyone who takes what belongs to this category of people is taking trouble,” he said.
Umahi also expressed dismay over the quality of wrappers given to the widows and elders, describing them as low in quality.
"We gave the civil servants high-quality wrappers and they were happy. The people who supplied those of the civil servants should be ready to supply 10,000 highest quality wrappers to the widows and elders,” he added.
He advised parents to inculcate good morals in their children to check the social vices being witnessed in the country, especially in the south east zone. ... lders.html

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