Skin Care Tips for Men in Their 30s and Above

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July 31st, 2021, 11:50 pm

Ageing comes with a lot of signs that we are not happy with. However, while we cannot necessarily do anything to them, there are certain things we can keep doing or stop doing to ensure that we age gracefully.

Quit smoking
This already states what literally every man already knows, smoking is bad for your skin. There are a lot of chemicals in cigarettes known as toxins that do nothing but harm the skin, not to mention things like cancer, heart disease among others. However, if you smoke, it’s probably time to quit before signs of ageing start to dig in.

Regular exercise
You can never overestimate the power of exercising. Working out not only keeps you fit but also gives you that youthful glow even in your 30s.
Exercise is one of the secrets to youth. It really doesn’t have to be incessant exercising; as little as walking 20 to 30 minutes a day may seem small but it does a lot more than you can imagine from increasing blood flow to detoxification.

Hydrate as much as you can
Now, you probably knew this and have heard it millions of times, but probably didn’t know the benefit of it. Water is an element that keeps your skin elastic and gives your face an appealing glow. This is why most men look healthy and fleshy even after their 30’s. Do not use cleansers that deprive your skin of important or essential oils.

Lips also get old
You probably didn’t know this, but your lips age with time. The fine lines you notice on your lips when you look closely in the mirror are because of your lips ageing. Unfortunately, men do not have the advantage women have with being able to cover these skin pet peeves with makeup. Applying lip balm does the job. ... and-above/

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