7 Interesting Wedding Traditions That Are Peculiar To Different Countries

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July 2nd, 2021, 4:54 pm

A wedding day is one of the most special days in the life of everybody. Its a day that comes with joy, fulfillment and endless happiness. Different cultures around the world have their unique ways of celebrating wedding ceremonies.

Wedding celebrations differ from one country to another. For instance, it is standard practice in the United State for Bride to toss her bouquet into a crowd of single ladies.

Also, it will baffle you to see couples clearing smashed plates from the ground in Germany. This proves that they can handle challenges that come their way in the marriage.

7 Interesting Wedding Traditions That Are Peculiar To Different Countries

#1. It Is A Common Tradition In Nigeria To Spray The Bride Cash When She Enters The Dancing Floor With Her Groom

Spraying money to the bride and her groom is one of the longstanding wedding traditions in Nigeria. According to people who understand this practice, it represents hope for the couple’s good fortune.

#2. Both Couples Often Release Each White Dove In A Filipino Traditional Wedding

In a traditional Filipino wedding, both the bride and groom are expected to release a dove each. The doves will fly away, these doves are a symbol of successful marriage for the couple.

#3. Guests May Smash Porcelain Dishes On The Ground In A German Wedding

It is a normal tradition for guests at a German wedding to smash porcelain. This is believed to cast out all evil spirit from the marriage.

After the guests smashed the porcelain dishes, the couple will clean the mess. This is an indication that they can handle all the challenges that come their way in the marriage.

#4. The Groom’s Mother Breaks A Ceramic Bell Filled With Grain In A Guatemalan Wedding

The practice is for the groom’s mother to break a ceramic bell filled with grains on the arrival of the bride and the groom. As a matter of fact, this tradition indicates that the couple will be prosperous in their marriage.

#5. At A Traditional Irish Wedding Bell Is Rung After Couple Reads Their Vow

It is customary for a bell to be rung at an Irish wedding. According to them, this ritual helps to cast away evil spirit from the marriage.

#6. Two Wooden Ducks Are Always Available In A Traditional Korean Wedding

Ordinarily, Mandarin docks mate for life and bringing two wooden ducks to a Korean wedding indicates that the marriage is celebrated officially.

After the celebration, the Groom’s mother will throw a wooden duck to the bride, according to the Korean belief, if she catches it, the first child of the marriage will be a boy. And if she doesn’t catch it, the first child will be a girl.

#7. In A Maasai Traditional Wedding In Kenya and Tanzania, The Bride Father Will Spit On Her


How will you feel, if you see your potential father-in-law spitting on your wife (His daughter) on the day of your traditional wedding? Well, don’t be surprised, this is what the Maasai people in Kenya and Tanzania do.

On the day of the traditional wedding, the bride’s father will spit on her, this is a form of blessing according to the Maasai people’s custom.

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