See the three diseases that can be transmitted through kissing

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July 8th, 2020, 10:39 pm

There are so many diseases in the world today. I
don’t need to tell you that because you know it
already. Some of these diseases are really
frightening while others are less terrifying. Diseases
like cancer, stroke, diabetes, and others are highly
dreaded as they are very deadly, but other diseases
are less mindblowing.

Apparently, these different diseases have different
causes. Some diseases are transmitted through
sexual relations and others are contracted through
other means. However, some diseases are
contracted by merely kissing a person.
Below are some of those diseases...

1. Mononucleosis
This is one of the best-known diseases that one
can get by kissing another person. In fact, another
name for it is “the kissing disease”. This is because
it is mainly transmitted by saliva. so, because this
disease actually flourishes on fluids like saliva, it
very easily gets transmitted through kissing...

Experts say that a person who has this disease
spreads it when he kisses someone else. Symptoms
of the Mononucleosis can include fatigue, fever,
rash, and swollen glands......

2. Meningitis
Meningitis is an infectious disease that causes the
brain and spinal cord membranes to be inflamed.
The disease has caused a lot of havoc in Nigeria
and other African countries as it remains a major
public health challenge.

Experts have confirmed that the disease can
actually spread from person to person through
respiratory secretions. This means that the saliva
of an infected carries it and will get another
person infected when kissed.

The exchange of saliva can cause a person to get
infected with Meningitis and the symptoms can
include vomiting, fever, stiff neck, headache,
nausea, and sensitivity to light.

3. Cytomegalovirus
The Cytomegalovirus is actually a virus in the
family of herpes and it is known to remain in the
body for quite a while after one gets it. According
to research, the disease spreads through saliva.
According to experts, this disease is also known to
spread through semen as well as breast milk,
blood, and even urine.

Having known this, it is, therefore, advisable to be
careful when next you want to get cozy or make
out with any woman or man you have feelings for.
You never know what diseases you may soon be
contracting just by kissing them.

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