Original Fake Naira Or Dollar Notes For Sales

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April 27th, 2012, 1:23 pm

Available in super large quantities are fake naira notes that are in different denominations for sale. These fake notes were printed in North Korea. There is basically no difference between the fake notes and the original naira notes.
I am aware this is illegal. But then, there are no such things as perfect legalities in this country, not even in the USA, etc. For instance, the politicians have been stealing billions of naira with just the stroke of a pen( Pen Robbers) The major contractors to companies and government parastatals, will always over inflate the value of their contracts. There is NO rich man who made it without breaking the law. Though, in most cases they always go uncaught. Even, when they are caught, they bribe their ways and clean up their records. So, this is your fastest way of making your money. Money making is reserved for those who can take risks. If you can not take risk to turn around your financial condition, then do Not bother to contact me. It is only YOU that can help yourself.
So, available are ultra large quantities of Original fake naira and dollars notes. The bankers can never tell the difference. No machine can tell the difference. It is purely authentic.
If you are interested, just send a mail specifying the quantity needed, to ibrahimtaofiq120 at yahoo dot com. You will Never be caught by the police or anybody because they are original fake money. Again, delivery is made by an agent to any specified spot, even hotels, church, mosque or along the road, or anywhere conducive to the buyer.
Your actual address will Never be known to anybody. Once again, send your mails to ibrahimtaofiq120 at yahoo dot com

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April 27th, 2012, 1:33 pm

EFCC is already on your trail, fraudster! Scammer! Moderators should delete this posst and ban dis bagger.

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