Some Important Documents Needed For Land Deals

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February 23rd, 2020, 10:49 am

For Uyo Lands ie. Lands in Uyo, there are many important documents that must be in place, if you really need a real land that will not “lead you into temptation.”

At the end of this post, I shall share samples of the documents that must be in place. These documents give the Donee (Buyer) initial documents for the land in question.

Some of these documents are:

Survey Plan
Irrevocable Power of Attorney

Note: There are other ways of verifying landed properties in Uyo before purchase. If the above documents are absent, you can still be guided on the pathway, so as to be on a safe side; just make sure that you are getting linked by an agent who knows the nuts around Uyo lands very well.


This provides proof of the transaction: the Seller has received money or other forms of compensation from the seller. I know someone who paid for a landed property, and the both parties agreed to get an Irrevocable Power of Attorney, the following day, just for the young man (Buyer) to be involved in an accident. I thank GOD that he had professional agents involved. As I am writing this, he is recovering while the necessary documents have been taken care of. It is important that the seller drafts a document called “Receipt” for the property in question.

Survey Plan:

This document is also important. One can easily verify the owner (s) of properties easily, from relevant authorities. But, we have discovered that properties without survey plans go far more cheaper than those with survey plans. One of the reasons is that the seller adds the price incurred on surveying, but there are other reasons, which are only known to those who have been involved in Uyo Lands for some time now. But one has to be extra-careful in acquiring lands without Survey plans. I recommend that one gets those who have been into Uyo Lands for a long time, and has a record of delivery without any problems at the end.

Irrevocable Power of Attorney

This document renders the agreement between the Donor and the Dornee legal.

Note: There are other documents that need to be available before and after Uyo Lands transaction, 3 were just picked for enumeration.

Samples of Uyo Lands Receipt, Survey Plan and Irrevocable Power of Attorney have already been created. You just need to download them FOR FREE from our Whatsapp group.

If you are in need of Samples of the above 3 Uyo Lands documents, kindly join our whatsapp group at

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Note: The Sample documents are FREE of Charge.


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