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February 15th, 2020, 3:25 pm

Every final year student is expected to handle a research project work before graduation. The ability of a student in project writing shows how well he or she has been performing in his or her departmental courses.
Every project student must have a project coach or project supervisor. Most of the project students do not have any idea on research project writing. Most of them simply contact project writers in Nigeria to help them out without the knowledge of their supervisor. I’m not saying it is bad to contact a hire a project writer in Nigeria to work on your research work. But as they write for you please endeavour to master the projects. Check to see how they wrote it especially for your undergraduate project topics because a time will come when you will need to handle and defend your masters dissertation or thesis.
To become independent of your project coach or supervisor you need the following qualities:
1. Creative thinking ability
2. Ability to answer real life questions
3. Ability to proffer solution to real life problems
4. Ability to use statistical tools
5. Ability to develop good research methodology
6. Ability to choose a good project topic
7. Ability to identify variables in your topic
8. Finally ability to identify a problem/gap in your research project topic.
At 400/500 level every project student be it education project topics, accounting project topics or health education project topics. You must have attended seminars in your institutions on how to go about your project writing skills. As you are learning, remember to focus on the above eight (8) points I listed above.
Then try to apply these ideas I listed above to the format guiding project writing in your institution. The format could be as follows:
 Chapter
 Introduction
 Background of the study
 Statement of the problem
 Aim and objectives of the study
 Research questions
 Statement of the hypothesis
 Significance of the study
 Scope of the study/limitation
 Definition of terms if any
and so on to chapter two, three, four and five. I believe this help.
project regards
project regards

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