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February 8th, 2020, 5:44 pm

The internet is one of the most important developments the world is experiencing. There are a lot of benefits from the internet; ranging mass communication and digitalization of the information. Social media account for more than 70% of internet usage.
This article is focused on the importance and problems of social media Nigeria. The main aim of social media is promote information sharing for wellness and socio economic development process. But despite the benefits of social media there are also lots of problems associated with social media. The most common problems associated with social media are the issues of cybercrimes.

That is why most Undergraduate Project Topics on mass communication is centered most of social media and cybercrimes in Nigeria. Cyber bullying and internet fraud are among the major cybercrimes in Nigeria.
Apart from cybercrimes, there are so many problems social media is causing in the Nigeria society. Now let us look at the area of socio economic development and well being. The fund most spend in buying data in Nigeria to be social media is quiet high. The effect is also seen in the education sector. Social media affect students’ learning time because more time is spent on social media than their books.

The list is endless to the importance and problems of social media. There are hundreds of articles online concerning social media. For Undergraduate student in mass communication that want to engage in project writing, can choose a topic under the importance and problem of social media.

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