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January 28th, 2020, 12:20 pm

Project writing is one of the most interesting parts of being in the university; however most students do not understand the most important procedure in choosing undergraduate project topics. Some of the noticeable mistake “final year project students” make in choosing a project topic are:
Not checking for the availability of materials for the project topics chosen by the project student:
most project student only go online and pick a topic without checking for the availability of the materials for the project. There are so many ways to check if the project topics you have chosen have enough materials online. When you want to source materials online, you can type your project topic on google at the end of the topic add PDF so it will bring out all the pdf files related to your research project topic.
Inability of the project student to figure out the variables in the project topic(s) they are choosing:
Your ability to source for materials concerning your research project is dependent on your ability to understand the variables in your project topic. You can the change the statement of the project topic given to your without changing the variables. This will enable your have wider range of coverage for the project topic given to you.
Not knowing the best methodology for the particular topic they choose:
Research methodology is one important element of a good project topic. Your inability to know the type of methodology to use on a particular topic will affect the outcome of the research project work. Most students especially those in the economics department do not really know the type of methodology to use for a particular project topic. If you are good at secondary data then choose project topics that will accept the use of secondary data.
There are so many articles on how to choose a project topic online. I came across one of the article on blog. it is very helpful for undergraduate project students.

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