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#1 » by makavelli25 VIP (β15034) » September 14th, 2020, 5:21 pm
Exclusive: Mafari Discovers Rock With Human Face In Kwara

Mafari Discovers a New Nature in Kwara State

In our quest to explore the world, capture its beauty, and showcase life through the lens; nature came to us in a form we recognize. A form in which we exist.

On a tour to Fulani settlement in a small town in Asa LGA, Kwara state - something unexpected captured our attention. Alone in the wild, stood the phenomenon - a rock with a human face. This beautiful piece of nature left us with admiration. A feeling that we're becoming accustomed to as we continue to explore.

The event that led to the discovery of nature was astonishing. On our way to the settlement, our lead car got stuck in a stone and couldn't move either front or backward, in our effort to pull out the car, some of our colleagues went on looking for something, possibly stone to be used in pulling out the car, surprisingly they encountered the unknown but beautiful creature-- at first, some were scared of coming close to it.

It looks scary in its entirety, plus the fact that it is located in the wilderness. In our anxiety and desire to dig more we moved closer, played around it, took pictures, and spent some time discussing the amazing creature we never knew existed in Kwara.

Our hope is that this discovery can lead to research on the origin of the rock and also bring the community to limelight by being a tourist center.

We at Mafari media are here to journey the world. Keep tabs on our activities as we unlock more beautiful places in Nigeria and beyond. We are here to showcase life through the lens.

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Scary but its good

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