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#1 » by Yehmmy (f) (β1402) » October 13th, 2012, 1:11 pm

Here are the warning signs and red flags with which you can smell a job scam online:

1. Asking for a one-time upfront payment in order to access the services. Also, most of the scam sites don't have a refund policy. And even if they do, still be careful.

2. The site's homepage is substandard and seems excessively wordy, unnecessary repetition or perhaps has little or no information on it. Watch out.

3. The advertisements are usually vague and having lots of grammatical errors. So many exclamation points and capital letters.

4. Exaggerated members' testimonials. Verify those testimonies with outrageous claims and better ask the company if they can provide written earning proofs or ask at least ten references or get phone numbers and call clients. Even if you call a given client, they may simply be staging you a demonstration.

5. They may give you a money back guarantee, but before falling prey, just browse through their site and you will not come across anywhere you can request for your money back. They always promise a get rich quick scheme. In other words, they will sweet-mouth you. You will see testimonials of other people, but you wont find where to post yours.

Lets be watchful.

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#2 » by FriedChicken (β132) » December 6th, 2012, 4:57 pm

Thank you.

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