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Good day everyone. I'll like to share my funny experience at an
interview few days back
It all started on a cozy beautiful evening. I was enjoying the
fresh air while sitting comfortably at the entrance of my
apartment and listening to the lovely voice of Shontelle on the
track " Impossible"
I just love the song because it's one out of the many songs I've
listened to that makes me ruminate on certain things about my
life and give thanks to my creator. The song was at the last
chorus when i was jolted by a vibration that interrupted my
thinking. I picked up my phone, thinking it was another etisalat
advert sms and checked my inbox only to find an interview invite
from a school i applied to the previous day.. I
quickly typed the name on Google to check its authenticity and
avoid stories that touch. Luckily for me, the invite was real. .
Later in the day, i started preparing for the interview against
the next day. I went to bed after this, waiting patiently for
The next day, i woke up very early so as to get to the venue
in time.
On getting to the venue, i was met by a lovely structure and
warm welcome from the principal of the school. She directed
me to the interview room where i met 3 other candidates,a
lady and two guys, seated. I greeted them all and had my seat. .
While waiting, being the type that get bored easily, especially
when doing nothing, i broke the silence. I started by initiating
conversation with one of the guys seated beside me and
before long, we became friends. We had the opportunity to
discuss at this length because the interview for one person
alone lasted for about 30 minutes and the lady i met was the
first person to be called in
Few minutes later, the guy besides me was called in leaving me
with Mr no nonsense. I gave him the name because the guy
refused to smile or even respond to my greetings when i
arrived earlier. Anyway,i guess that's not why he was there. As
a result of this, i just sat quietly and pretended he wasn't there
because i don't want someone to come and snub me.
After a while, he started complaining about the interview
process lamenting and speaking loudly to himself. I wasn't invited,
so i kept mum. And after pacing with no one to talk to, he
said "hello" and i replied "hi". He sought my opinion on the
interview process and i told him to be patient since we are
the ones that need the job, he smiled when i said this and
became a bit calm.
Minutes later, he spoke to me again "so what subject do u
"Biology, basic-science and social studies" i replied.
"Oh, you read biology?" He asked again and i said
"No, anthropology" . The next thing i heard was serious
laughter! Ah! I became scared o because i don't understand what
is happening o, i just adjusted a bit to avoid being beaten by a
mad man (incase i thought right)
I started getting scared until he stopped laughing and said "why
will you waste four years at the university for such course,
nah,nah,nah, that's bad"
Ah! See this chicken brain laughing at himself and not me. Its
obvious he doesn't know the importance of Anthropology. I
pretended i didn't hear that because i don't know how to
explain to him that we are in the same shoes. After a while, i
asked him "oga, what's your discipline".
"Computer engineering"
"Wow! That's lovely! So, what are you doing here" i asked with
a straight face and he started stammering
"I........i....i'm here for interview of course!"
"With an anthropologist and with the same pay, right?" I said
sarcastically..........Nonsense human being, i thought inwardly.
He didn't bother answering my question knowing he messed up
big time!
Do you know why I'm sharing this, Mr no nonsense didnt get
the job because he didn't perform well at the interview and
demanded for a pay above what the school was ready to
offer......i also got to know later that he had a third class, but,
that wouldn't have been a problem if he had carried out a
little research about the school before going for the
In conclusion, work on yourself and avoid putting people down as
this might be an invitation to your downfall.

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