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What is Maca?
Maca is a plant known botanically as Lepidium meyenii. Maca originated from Peru, and the root of the plant looks like a turnip. Maca can be divided into different categories based on the color of the root. Maca can range in color from black, red, yellow, and pink. Maca can be dried and crushed to take on a powder form, and used as a supplements.

Maca powder is ground from the maca plant, and it reportedly boosts libido, balances hormones, and generally increases energy.

What are Benefits of Maca?
Maca is popularly used as an aphrodisiac to boost libido and several reports have shown maca is effective for breast enlargement. However, people who wish to use maca for breast growth, should first consult their doctor because Maca can greatly boosts fertility because it is high in phytohormones.

There are little or no side effects attached to taking Maca, but it can upset your reproductive health, particularly when taken wrongly.
Maca can interact with contraceptive pills and trigger pregnancy.

Several informative reports have shown that Maca can categorically enlarge breasts size. Using Maca for breast enlargement is very effective, however you need to use it with care, in the right dosage, and with the right techniques to achieve best results.

Wrong use of Maca can lead to complications in the endocrine system.

What are the Side-effects of Maca?
So far, there has been no report on toxicity in human consumption. However, some possible side effects of Maca may include:

Maca Root may upsurge sexual yearning, but is otherwise non-stimulatory
Maca Root comes with a dirt-like grassy taste. If you must take it, then opt for Maca root in capsulated form, rather than in powdery form. Or as recommended by your doctor.
In some cases, Maca can lead to unusual hair growth and unwanted pregnancies.
It can lead to problems in your endocrine system. The endocrine system is a system of glands, including the thyroid gland and the adrenal gland, which makes up the hormones.

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Maca and Breast Enlargement
Maca root has been used for centuries to enlarge the breast of women. There has been cases of men who took maca roots to fix bladder issues, but ended up with enlarged breasts. This is why it is best to consult your doctor first before taking maca root for any issue. Taking maca incorrectly may lead to different side effects.

Maca root pills is reportedly more effective for breast enlargement compared to maca powder, but they are more costly.

Several women have reported getting bigger bum after taking maca roots for just the purpose of breast enlargement. Apart from enlarging the breasts, maca root also enlarges the hips and buttocks.

Avoid using maca pills or extracts because it can be very harmful for your liver. Instead go for the powder form. Maca powder is quite expensive, so most manufacturers would prefer to use maca extract, which is poisonous to the liver. It is best to stick with maca powder.

Maca powder is better off compared to the extract or pills, and it is equally healthier for your whole body. It can boosts rapid breast enlargement if used correctly.

If you must use maca pills, go for trustworthy brands that are careful when it comes to their ingredients they use in drug production and prioritize their consumers’ safety.

However, if you are uncertain about the brand, avoid taking it to avoid liver poisoning or some other fatal complications.

Then, you need to run away and avoid taking pills from such a brand altogether.

People who have used maca roots for breast enlargement noticed remarkable increase in breasts size, with some reporting an astounding two cups in less than fifteen days.

How to Use Maca Roots for Breast Enhancement
If you wish to increase the size of your breast with maca, it is best to go for maca powder. If you want to use the pills, then you can follow the doctor’s prescription or the instructions on the label.

Maca Dosage for Breast Enlargement
Some women have complained that maca root wasn’t able to enlarge their breasts after taking it for a stipulated period of time. Using a small amount of maca powder is not going to be effective for breast enlargement.

Taking only a small amount of maca powder is like taking one pinch of maca root daily with smoothie or swallowing it directly. It isn’t going to work like that.

However, when used correctly maca powder can double and even triple your breasts size in a few weeks.

To get best results from using maca powder, take one teaspoon daily. For maca pills, take no less than two pills a day.

In the morning before breakfast or immediately after waking up, drink half a cup of water first before taking one teaspoon of maca powder. Expect to start seeing positive results after one week. It’s that simple, it worked for me.

Maca Dosage for Breast Enlargement

The standard maca dosage for breast enlargemtn is 1,500-3,000mg. Maca should be ingested daily together with food.

Maca can be supplemented by eating maca root, or through a maca extract. Extracts should be water or ethyl acetate-based.

Studies carried out on animal use 1,000-2,200mg/kg bodyweight doses of maca, which converts into:

9-24g of the maca vegetable for a 150lb person
5-32g of the maca vegetable for a 200lb person
1-40g of the maca vegetable for a 250lb person
Maca root and Pregnancies
Maca root boosts fertility. So, if the sole purpose of you taking it is for breast enlargement or hips/buttocks enlargement, then you have to exercise caution.

When maca roots is used in large amounts, it upsets your hormonal balance, causing some hormones to increase and decreasing others.

For women who do not wish to get pregnant, ensure you protect yourself, particularly during your most fertile period. Women on contraceptive pills should consult their doctor first before using maca roots.

Review on Maca Powder
An Australian model, Brigette Cooper, asserts her boobs grew two cup sizes – from a c cup to an E cup after consuming maca powder.

Brigette had been taking maca powder, but reportedly stopped two months ago after experiencing some side effects.

The model claims maca powder caused her breasts to grow and upset her menstrual cycle, such that she gets her period every couple of weeks.

After Brigette stopped taking maca, her hormones began to balance themselves out again.

However, she isn’t completely sure if the maca powder is what increased her boobs or if it was as a result of her weight gain.

“In winter I gain weight and a lot of it usually goes to my boobs…they’ve been this big in the past as well,’ she explained.

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