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The Organised Labour, comprising the Nigeria
Labour Congress (NLC) and Trade Union
Congress (TUC), has modified its earlier
demand for minimum wage and presented a
new figure to the tripartite committee
negotiating a new minimum wage.
Acting NLC president, Mohammed Kiri,
yesterday told journalists in Abuja that the
NLC and TUC had now demanded a higher
figure than the earlier N56,000 which it
demanded two years ago. Kiri who was
speaking at the 11th quadrennial delegates’
conference of the Nigeria Civil Service
Council, Federal Council, said the reason for
the fresh demand was that after two years of
waiting for the implementation of the N56,000,
the amount is now obsolete.
When pressed further, Kiri refused to state
how much has now been presented by NLC
but said labour is determined to fight for
improved welfare for workers. He said, “The
Organised Labour, because of obvious
reasons, has modified the N56, 000 minimum
wage proposal to the federal government. You
will recall that this figure was submitted two
years ago; between then and now lots of
things have changed.
“The figure was modified above N56, 000 and
submitted to the tripartite committee to
substitute the earlier amount. The congress
would soon announce the figure to Nigerians.
This was done in conjunction with TUC.” On
the statement credited to the Budget Office
minimum as demanded by Labor was not
captured in the 2018 Budget.
Kiri said “Who made the budget. I believe if
they are serious, this matter can end by
middle of this year. This is because by June/
July the different committees would complete
their work and forward to the president, who
would then send it to the National Assembly
for assent to become law.”
According to him, government must
implement the new minimum wage. “What I
know is that whether it is captured or not,
once it is agreed, government must
implement it,” he said. According to the labour
leader, the committee must speed up its
effort as workers are running out patience on
the new wage.
On whether the new figure presented will
bring about delay in the process, the deputy
president of the congress said it would not as
the tripartite committee had not gone far in
their work. “We had an inaugural meeting and
since then nothing has been done.
We don’t want to see it as a deliberate delay
to buy time, but somehow it looks as if the
delay is deliberate “The committee has not
started anything, so modifying a figure will not
cause any delay since discussion has not
commenced,” he said. Also speaking, acting
chairman of the NSCU,

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They're not even saying anything about this again
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