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Teaching is viewed as a noble profession.
Imagine a world where there are no teachers.
The world will retract backward, however, our environment has made the teaching profession an unappealing profession.
The reward of teachers, they say, it is in heaven but I can tell you that the internet has transformed it drastically.
The reward of the teachers is now.
Let us look at two ways you can increase your income through online teaching:
Teaching as an academician
Are you proficient in math, science, Accounting, business, history, engineering, IT or any other subject?
Do you think you are good in any of the course listed above?
Do you know what you will do?
Write a detailed course outline on any topic in the field above, for example, as an accountant, I wrote a course entitled, ‘Prevent your employees from defrauding you’
The course centers on small-scale companies and Workplace fraud.

So, you can take a queue like mine. Think and think of a good academic course that you know you are very good that you can write about.
Have you arrived at a good course that you can write about?

Teaching as a talented person
Are you talented?
Can you sing very well? Can you cook all kinds of food? Can you dance very well? Can you speak many languages? Can you speak in the right diction?

This is an avenue to turn your talent into money. Write about what you are good at. There are many people all over the world who are eager to learn from your talent. I can assure you that.

For instance, write about how to cook African dishes if you are good at cooking. Explain it in detail and someone out there will want to learn from you.

Your dance moves are great and beautiful, can you write how to start dancing and make those moves. You can write them down and put nice pictures to it and even do a video (Which I will explain to you much later in my other series of articles) and people will buy your course and learn from you.
Teaching as a craft person
What kind of craftsmanship are you good at? Did you learn how to be a Taylor? Are you a plumber? Are you a mechanic? How to be a fashion designer? How to be a cobbler? How to be a hairdresser? How to weave bags, shoe, slippers, and beads? How to repair laptops, phones? Are you a furniture maker?
Tell me, which craft are you good at?
Do you want to increase your income now?
I can tell you that the internet is one major way to do that.
The next step is to develop the course content.
Developing course content is not an easy process but since it is about a good course that you know very well, what you need to do is to start out research work. The internet is filled with many research works about your course.
Search this site to get more information about any topic you choose and download it, It is free –pdfdrive
Download the text that relates to any of your research work.

After downloading, then read to get more information and views concerning your course.
You can develop your course with the textbook and research paper downloaded.
NB: Do not copy word for a word other people work. It is called ‘plagiarism’.

How long can it take you to create your course?
Well, it depends on the time devoted to the course created and your determination. It took me 10 weeks to create my first course on how to eliminate fraud(Though I am still editing and realigning the course).

However, it can take you less than that or more than that.
Are you ready to take your teaching course further?
Do not give up, it is not easy ohhhhh.

Read about a good design e-course template and how to create your first e-course from this course site Course Craft: Create and sell your own e-course or online class.
Or better:
Hook up with someone at Fiverr after writing your course to design your e-course for you.
After registration, search for e-course creators and discuss with him/her on how to create your e-course.
After that, the next important part is which platform can you marketing your e-course to people who need it.

Have a great weekend.
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