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How to write a winning CV

Recruiters receive more than enough applications for every job advert placed and the next thing they do is to screen all the CVs received. Some will ultimately end up in the dust bin just because of the substandard nature of the CVs. Please peruse the following mistakes to be avoided and suggestions given to have a CV that makes sense.

1. Grammatical spelling errors, punctuation and grammatical blunders might not be pardonable. Most times you find obvious grammatical blunders in applicants' CVs, and this occurs because many don't take the time to ever read through what they have written. Don't rely on word processing packages alone to check spellings as they can't pick up on all errors. The common errors usually involve tenses, genders, singular-plural usages and parallelism.
Suggestion: Apart from taking time to proof-read you Cv over and over to avoid errors, never feel too big to give it to someone who can also proof-read it for you to correct the blunders.

2. Avoid contradicting statements and records. Your CV should be accurate and honest , you should ensure that your academic records and bio-data do not conflict or contain contradicting information.
3. Poorly arranged layout and CV format can immediately send your CV to the dust bin. Don't use a wacky font: - 'Curriculum Vitae' - In general, Times New Roman, Arial or Tahoma in font size 11/12 is the norm. CV's should not be longer than two pages, and have a well justified text to space ratio. Always include your hobbies and interests; work and off work balance is important to employers these days. I will advice you stick to recreational activities and interests.

4. Establish a relationship between the kind of job you are applying for and your CV. It will not be too proper to have just one kind of CV that you use to apply for all jobs. Job hunters should incline their CV's and include relevant information only to the job they are they are submitting their applications for. Include specific achievements accomplished in each role listed, and detail your responsibilities. In which case? There is no one-fits-all CV; you should adapt your CV to the kind of job role you are applying for. Many graduates feel too lazy to take this point serious. They submit that same copied-and-pasted poor CV in all places expecting miracle.

5. Avoid unnecessary details in your CV. It is good to have a detailed CV but try and make all information provided to be related to the job you are applying for. It is not compulsory to include all job experience you have acquired; this could make your CV unnecessarily lengthy and I promise not all employers have time to read your newly published encyclopedia.

6. Do it right when using e-mail as the medium to send CVs. Don't just attach the 'bog-standard' covering letter; use the body of the email as your covering letter, using the formatting and language of a professional email and the refer to an attached CV.Always remember to include Sir/Ma please find copy of attached CV in the body of the message. It sounds polite and shows that you are dealing with real people. And remember to attach the CV! If you forget to attach it and you have to resend, an employer who has already received the first attachment-less e-mail may conclude you are a forgetful person.
7. Do not highlight faults and negative statements. If you were asked to leave any of the jobs detailed on your CV, don't draw attention to it. At the interview the interviewer may likely ask the reasons for leaving jobs.

With these simple guides among others, am sure you can be sure your CV to start with is in no way your stumbling block in your job search battle.

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Thanks for these.

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Perfect job done! :)

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I'm really not that nice... :mrgreen:


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