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In a complete project in the academia, chapter two has always been slated for literature review or what some people will call review of related literature. It involves a detailed research on previous works, opinions, recommendations etc that have been done on that area.

In any academic project, arrangement matters a lot, in this case, when writing chapter two of your project which is the literature review, it must be properly arranged; from the introduction which talks a little about the summary of the chapter, conceptual framework, which must discuss elaborately the subject matter with compulsory citations following the explanation of the subject matter.

The reason citation is really compulsory in this chapter is because the researcher must prove to those that are reading the project that the words used is not just a mere word but that they are quoted from people. Conceptual framework must include all the concept of a given subject matter.

For instance, a topic in education is being given to be “motivational techniques and student academic achievement in secondary schools in Nigeria” your conceptual framework will be; concept of motivation: at this point you discuss everything that has to do with motivation, types of motivation, importance of motivation, method of motivating secondary school students, effect of motivation on secondary school student, the relationship between teacher motivational techniques and academic achievement of secondary school students.

Don’t forget that all of these must have citations. Having done that, the next thing is to move to the different theories guiding motivation, like the Maslow's theory of motivation, theory of learning and so on.

The next one is the empirical review, empirical review in a complete project has to do with studies in the likes of your own chosen education project topic; what other researchers did in their project, as well as studies that affiliates to your own chosen topic.

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