How To Write An Effective Resume’

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November 8th, 2010, 12:04 pm

Writing an effective resume is an art. A well drafted and well crafted resume gets you the job that you have always been dreaming for. That sounds magical, isn’t it? A few points carefully considered and administered into the Resume will make an ordinary resume a power-packed one. These points are not something beyond a commoner’s reach in fact consideration of these things will make a commoner, extraordinary! It’s just the way you write words and put them in a logical sequence. It’s all about believing in yourself and believing that what all you have achieved, learned in life is not waste, it’s worth it!!

Quintessential to-do’s while working on a resume:

First and foremost thing to remember is that a resume should sound genuine and honest. It should not sound pompous and superhumanly..ahem!
The objective statement that comes first in resume should reflect your true ambitions in life. The objective statement should reflect your passion for working in that particular organization.
Please do not blow your own trumpet. Don’t talk about a lot of ‘you’ in the resume.
Once you introduce yourself, boil down to your academic qualification, followed by experience if any.
Your latest academic achievement and current/latest experience should come first. You can then state your other experiences in order of preference and importance.
If there is any Technical skill you possess mention that immediately underneath your academic qualification. Or if that particular technical competence is something crucial the company is looking for then place it above the academic qualification.
Mention the most important responsibility you have undertaken to benefit the organization. Do not mention the irrelevant ones.
Do not fill the resume with your hobbies. Put some good ones. Do not write ‘sleeping’ as your hobby. :lol; It may spoil your chances of getting the job.
Above all do not seek professional support to draft your resume. A potential employer will at once know that the resume is not ‘original’. You can run through some well drafted resumes for a general idea though.

Do some basic homework before working on your resume. Try to know more about the company. The type of projects it undertakes and the technical skill-set that is in vogue and things like that. All these things will give punch to you resume. They will make you feel ‘responsible’. You can then tune your resume exactly to the company’s requirement. So when your skill-set is in harmony with the company’s requirement, have you not gotten the job already? This is one thing that you need to realize.

Keep your resume fresh and updated time and again. Do not use the same old and stale resume for all the job applications. In fact your resume should be specific for a vacancy, for a company. Please do not forget this.

Wishing you success through all your job applications.

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